Been here for a bit, but it's time for a re- !

I'm Stu. I am an old-ish indie game dev/designer. I make narrative driven stuff mostly. I use video games to explore narrative and mechanics, so a lot of my stuff is a bit out there. I use Unity3d, yarn, and twine as my go-to engines.

I've worked on AAA games, but I prefer to do my own thing now.

I also really like TV and Film (that's what I studied in university) and general pop-culture. So I might yammer on about that.

This account is not about real-world politics or news, I do that elsewhere. So you're mostly safe to follow for just game/pop-culture/creativity-related stuff.

Here's a pretty picture of something I was working on recently. Sometimes I just practice level design and stuff like this comes out of it.

Hashtag mess:

love the colors on your level, hope to see more ..

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