I think I'm going to be stepping away from Activision-Blizzard products and services for a while.

What else is everyone playing?

@stuarttempleton I feel like good recommendations here depend on which specific games you're replacing :P

@stuarttempleton (note that I am not asserting I will have them regardless)

@relsqui lol good point! I play WoW and Overwatch. Though, OW matchmaking is a nightmare for me

@stuarttempleton for card games, MTG, for mmos ffxiv is my fave, and you can swap Overwatch with Paladins

Have fun o7

@eightbitsamurai I may try Paladins out. Or sit down with Warframe again. Good suggestions, btw, Thanks

@stuarttempleton I have played nothing but Dragon Quest XI since it came out on Switch

Been finding time for Pokemon Showdown otherwise

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