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I used to play/read a lot of Choose Your Own Adventure books. It's no wonder I ended up loving and writing ! One book stands out, the name of which I've long forgotten. It was a D&D style fantasy horror story, complete with a character sheet and everything. Very Ravenlofty.

#PivotalMomentsInCreativity (2/2) 

In it, depending on your choices, you had the opportunity to build a romantic relationship with someone that would turn out to be a werewolf. Not a heroic character from modern werewolf lore. A monster.

I was 8 or so and it blew my mind. It was my first experience seeing metaphors for addiction and abuse in a way that the reader could interact with. I've carried that with me into every project I've worked on since.

Good fiction is a window into what is real.

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#PivotalMomentsInCreativity (2/2) 

Sorry, I didn't realize I couldn't put hastags in a cw. Adding this to find later! :)

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