Every time I see someone say their game is “roguelike,” I look at their game and think, “this person has never played Rogue.”

@stuarttempleton oh come on. I DID play rogue, but definitions are allowed to expand over decades of use.

@relsqui lol not a personal call out or anything. I agree that definitions change over time, but you have to get pretty loose with your definition for most of these dev's claims to be true.

@stuarttempleton yeah, I think the common meaning these days really has diverged quite far! I basically take it to mean "there's procgen and permadeath"

@stuarttempleton I have in all seriousness described Solitairica as a roguelike, and that's a solitaire card game with those two features

@relsqui in irony, I think that as a marketing decision, taking advantage of that kind of cultural phenomenon is a requirement for indies these days. So, I'm behind you 100% in using it.

I also have a similar critique of the use of the word "cyberpunk" as well.

@stuarttempleton yeah, and I think it's traditional to complain about "steampunk" the same way, haha

@relsqui lol it really is. I think it's interesting to talk about the word as a meaningful descriptor versus being a meaningful categorization. Both are different and both are important. I just like to dive into how our need to categorize things has outstripped our need for strict meaning. (and how often people mix the two things up.)

@stuarttempleton categorization is HARD. I had a psycholinguistics teacher who liked to do an exercise (I took a couple of different classes with her) about trying to define "vehicle" and then pick it apart by showing a bunch of edge case slides ("is THIS a vehicle?" *click* car *click* bulldozer *click* ski lift *click* saddled elephant *click* loon with a baby loon on its back)

@stuarttempleton right? and the pop culture version is the sandwich debate haha.

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