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Instead of inventing jobs by starting wars, we should just bring back and then nationalise Brainiac and just use military explosives to fake the experiments this time.

:oh_no:​ I've had too much caffeine and now I feel bad.

It looks like web development is heading down the same roads, because more and more of what we do on a computer is web-based. With all this business of compounding layers of javascript and nonsense to do the same things but slower and more complicated, it really does seem to me that more than half of what computer work entails these days is a complete waste of time, and I think this is on purpose.

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I used to think that much of modern computing is there to try to make it so that you didn't have to know a coupla easy things (heck these days even things like "files go in folders which can go in other folders"), but given that the things that computers are trying to hide from you are *not complicated things,* they're things that only take a couple minutes to learn, I'm increasingly suspecting that computer people are TERRIFIED of people finding out how easy their jobs really are

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The important thing about <a href="">knowing that this is how you make a link</a> is that once you've done it a few times, you'll always know how to do it. With modern menu-driven software, the developers like to move buttons around so that they can sell you a new version and make you have to learn it all over again. I call this STEALING YOUR MASTERY OF THE PROGRAM AND SELLING IT.

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This is why I prefer where possible to work in plain text and markup - what's easier, knowing by reading this sentence that <em>this means italics</em>, or re-finding the italics button after the developer has moved it somewhere else for the fifth time following some useless update and interface revamp?

I fear that the 50% of nonsense in that boatstuck article that I don't understand is probably there so that people don't ever have to know that, f'rexample, <h1>this is a top-level heading.</h1>

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Not in Joomla! Not in Joomla in 2011! Oho no! Joomla's interface was designed so that you didn't have to know ANYTHING. So to make a link, you'd go through some menus asking you what you wanted the link to look like and where you wanted it to go and it'd generate the HTML for you, and reader, I counted and there were TWO DOZEN MOUSE CLICKS involved to do what I just explained. It literally took as long to make ONE link as it does to learn how to make an infinite number of links.

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This is one of the first bits of HTML that anyone learns. And it's unintuitive, I'll grant you, but you know, now, just from reading that toot, how to make a link in HTML. It took maybe a minute to put that bit of info in your head.

So to make a sidebar full of links, you'd just do that over and over, changing the text and the address and adding <br /> in between (which means "line break," IE go down a line like you've hit Return) until you were done, right?

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So here's how you make a link in HTML:

<a href="">Click here to play Improbable Island, my text game</a>

So the "a" there is shorthand for "anchor," which I guess is what links were called for the five minutes between having the idea and deciding the spec and someone coming up with a better name. The "href" bit is where the link goes. The bit in between > and </ is the link text, and </a> means you're done talking about a link.

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but it does, kind of, make some things easier for the writer (at the expense of making other things much much complicated). Anyway there I was, fiddling about with joomla, and I wanted to make a sidebar of links so people could navigate around the sections of the site.

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@stolas I think they usually have a "front" side which you can tell from the way the edges are stitched, usually if you hang it vertically with the front forwards, the left most stripe will be the red

There's a distressing trend in computing where the computer tries to prevent you from having to know anything, and in doing so creates a LOT more work for you. I first noticed it when I was working with a content management system called Joomla about ten years ago.

A content management system or CMS is a kinda framework of scripts to (theoretically) make running a website easier. Instead of making a bunch of pages like about.html, faq.html, contact.html, tablesaws.html, you'd write your...

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...articles into an article-writing page on your website, click the save button, and the article would go into a database. Then instead of someone going to mynewtablesaw.html they'd go to article.php?articlename=mynewtablesaw and the site would retrieve the article from the database, generate all the stuff around it like navigation links, add comments and stuff - it's WAY slower than just mynewtablesaw.html, like at least one maybe two orders of magnitude slower

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You can tell the people on here whose brains were ruined by Twitter from those who were ruined by Tumblr


"Covid doesn't affect young people" is a myth perpetuated by people who make money by employing young people on low wages to do "key work" "front line" jobs

There should be industrial action, there should be a groundswell of people saying "no, we aren't coming back to work in your pub or shop until we're vaccinated and it's safe", but they have got everyone so desperate for work money with the policies of the past 30 years that it can't happen, people have to risk their health

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I wish I could ride a motorbike.

I tried learning once but I failed the CBT in the first few hours. I just simply did not have the hand-eye coordination to make the damn thing go and turn at the same time and it wasn't safe.

just posted an unironic hot take about FOSS and starting to doubt my life choices here

hot take about open source software 

The most important thing about Free and Open Source Software isn't all the stuff about forking and pull requests and that. The most important thing is that it works to insulate code from the profit motive.

The ability to fork or request upstream changes is a vital part of that but not the point in and of itself.

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