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I am so glad that I stopped playing Dota and instead picked up roguelikes and deckbuilders instead.

you might find it odd that i rail against the fairness of supposedly "meritocratic" systems but accept the facts of a matchmaking ranking. but something like a standardized test is designed. they only show how well you can conform to the requirements of the test. in an adversarial game where players start on the same footing, the metric is literally just how often do you win against others in the adversarial game. there isnt really a way to skew that except by just winning more

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one thing i noticed when i was playing dota was that people tended to blame the ranking system for their outcomes. but the ranking system was nothing more than a numerical expression of how often you win against players with similar numbers. theres not really any way for it to be "wrong".

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i used to play dota occasionally with this guy who was like, <2k rating and he stopped playing with my group because he raged at our 5k offlaner one game for doing a high level character pick he didnt understand. for context 2k was like, 50th percentile and 5k was like top 2% of players at the time

anyway i checked his account a couple months ago out of curiosity. 8000 hours logged and he is in the bottom 20% of players

Fucking hell Volatile Gauge as a first relic makes you OP as fuck.

Just got that and then slam picked all the cards with a 3 energy cost. I ended up crafting cards that cost 4 Energy to either give my Champion +20 rage or double my rage and because Volatile Gauge randomises all card costs to 1-3, I could just spam them over and over on a Champion with multistrike. (I managed to energy energy with an Endless Pyre Chomper Imp with gives +4 energy on summon and returns to your hand on death.)

Look at this obscene shit. It's fucking beautiful.


I did not know that Star Citizen is going* to have a space prison where players who break the space law and get caught will have to do space time for their space crime and that is absolutely the last thing I'm ever willingly reading about that game, ever ever ever.

*Amount of existing may vary.

@stolas something something play being streamlined down to a problem needing to be solved to increase player experience throughput rather than organic interaction something

You actually don't have community spaces in games that used to have them. The 2Fort servers have been replaced by automated matchmaking and I really don't think that it was a good thing for gaming (but it was good for profits, being assigned who you are playing with let's the game companies upsell you with the battle pass and that)

There probably actually is something to that last post tbh.

The growing antisocial tenancies of Gamers can be tracked back to the replacement of in game community servers with automated matchmaking systems.

In this essay, I will... 1/69

Racism on masto 

There's a lot of "we should do something" posts that pop up whenever there's an incident and these are driven by a desire to be helpful, but indicate the person has no idea what to do. It's not me being racist, it's the randos from bad instances and this is a problem, right?

But the ting is, we do know what to do. We really don't tolerate transphobia. If we treated it like that, took it as seriously as that, acted as if it was that, it would go a long way.

90s animal mascot platformer Grace with a dash of twinning kink? 90s animal mascot platformer Grace with a dash of twinning kink 

I like to imagine it'd be like Banjo Kazooie except you can twin all the enemies so when you come back to an area later it's just a bunch of friendly Graces hanging out

coronavirus, the uk thinking world war 2 was good 

they're! going! to! fly! a! "Thank You NHS!" Spitfire! Over several hospitals in my region! to thank the NHS!

Vincent: You know what the funniest thing about Europe is?

It's the little differences. A lotta the same shit we got here, they got there, but they're a little different.

Jules: Example?

Vincent: When you log into Quake in Amsterdam, you play with ping. And I don't mean low ping either. You get some real ping. And in Paris, you can play Quake at McDonald's. And you know what they call deathmatch in Paris?

Jules: They don't call it deathmatch?

Vincent: No, they got the metric system there, they wouldn't know what the fuck a deathmatch is.

Jules: What'd they call it?

Vincent: They call it Battle Royale.

Jules: Battle Royale. What'd they call Capture the Flag?

Vincent: CTF's CTF, but they call it Capture le Flag.

Jules: Capture le Flag! What do they call headshots?

Vincent: I don't know, I didn't play Unreal Tournament. But you know what they pirate games on in Holland instead of floppy disks?

Jules: What?

Vincent: Cassette Tapes.

Jules: Goddamn!

Does school serve a purpose that isn't brainwashing children?

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i mean, im not surprised history keeps repeating itself here because no one fucking knows it happened before.

obviously, i think this shit is left out of education regimens because it forments negative thoughts about the United States and the authority it holds.

People who say to keep politics out of education are monsters and wish to maintain the status quo. The education system as it exists today is a white power structure.

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I think the most disturbing shit that appalled me because it was never taught to me in school was

that one time the US dropped a bomb in Philadelphia

Black Wall Street

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