have you ever thought "i wish i knew how the quicksort algorithm works but i'm only capable of learning concepts presented through hungarian folk dance"? i have good news youtube.com/watch?v=ywWBy6J5gz

@Kat @BestGirlGrace It doesn't mean anything, it's a edited screenshot of a Prime Chaotic Resonator from Path of Exile where someone has written a load of nonsense in that looks valid from a distance to take the piss out of long Path of Exile items.

do “fatal” and “potato” rhyme

weird question, if you’re trans, did you get complimented/made fun of in school for being too polite or well-mannered or acting too adult

i have a weird hunch

irc programs from 25 years go: "automatically save chat logs? yes/no"

webex: "WHAT WERE WE TALKING ABOUT 5 MINUTES AGO?!?!?!!?!!?1111/1/1/1/1/1///ahahahAHAHah"

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thinking out loud 

If I wanted to make a 2d shmup with 3d models in , I think that I'd need to have a flat playing field that remains static at all times, then have the player able to move a hitbox on that flat field and then every frame I "just" make sure that a 3d model is placed over the hitbox. I can then repeat this for enemies and bullets (well, bullets are probably just billboarded sprites or particles or something but the general idea makes sense)

@kelerak2 I'm sorry and I hope you can move past this trying time.

you, cucked, pseudo-intellectual, embourgeoisé•e: reads professors arguing about their interpretations of marx

me, huge alpha, genuine proletarian, ready to "discard outdated theory and forms of theory", and ignore what "dead white men wrote 100 years ago": watches youtubers and podcasters arguing about their interpretations of marx, and all of them are incredibly wrong & also illiterate

not to be too puritan but i think teen boys learning everything they know about sex from hentai is maybe bad

fuck narc skeleton all my homies hate narc skeleton

I need a emoji that represents a well intended but totally vacant smile from someone well meaning but totally unburdened by actually understanding what is going on.

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