The UK government just got their update to their COVID app blocked because they tried to do the exact thing that Google and Apple told them not to do.

oh no some bad open source bullshit has happened innit?

I think we should all be a little easier on slippery slopes. They're pretty fun, if you give 'em a chance.

Fucksake, is "lessons" such a dirty word? Does *everything* have to be "content" now??

would help if I actually finishing typing before making the post

Does anyone here own a breadmaker?

Is it worth it? Does it actually make decent bread?

For context, my Mum keeps suggesting that I get one

I actually love how akward the other two across the table are talking about it.

That's the best part. The straight people are so akward, and they're not intrusive or anything bad, they just entirely understand Corey's point that he doesn't want to do it either...

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The first bit of this interview talks about coming out in the BMX industry, and people not understanding *why* someone has to come out.

There's a tiny bit of podcast talk at the start, but it gets in after about 1 minute of that.

@skelly Weird.

I think that in the same way that you get "greenwashing" to make companies looks like they care about the environment, you'll also get "wokewashing" to make them look like they care about people.

trans kids might find out about being trans not from weird mean tv specials

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