semi joke game idea 

Shmup but with a meta progression where you can unlock and craft gadgets on the sidebar.

Clearing stages gives you a lootbox either a random widget that you can place however you want or a Path of Exile style crafting orb that you can apply to that gadget to change it somehow (colour scheme?)

The gadgets don't do anything apart from report on stats. People will collect them anyway.


Hey, the American's just literally said that they tried to coup Venezuela on Twitter.

The wild thing here is this that is a Democrat bitching about how Trump did the coup wrong. Honestly, the whole system over there is just totally buggered.

Reminder that this is a literal and actual official Spiderman comic that is actually canon.

I went to the effort of adding a full alt text because it deserves it.

If I've learnt anything from Cookie Clicker, it's that I want to spend all my money on this.

Is this literally true? Is it literally a 54% chance to double my coins?

That's a pretty clear good EV bet?

Oh, I never posted this that I did yesterday.

I did a bit more of that Blender donut tutorial and then went off piece and played about with the floor.

I'm probably a bad person for thinking this but the dynamic water pollution in 1.0 (dropping in approx a week) looks cool af.

Elite Dangerous but with the online stuff removed and replaced with an actual single player game.

Also, the spaceships have legs.

A social network where each post works like a 2p in a 2p pusher machine.

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