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sometimes I post things purely because of the CW it will need.


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Thanks to Intel's amazing new gamer tech, I can drink 7 cans of Monster and turn my slur sliders up to max before settling in for a nice game of Dota.


I don't know what the Guardian headline writer is on or what they are currently thinking but this is a deeply weird headline right?

That's not just me?


Cannot believe that if I want to play Timesplitter 2 in this modern hellscape I have to play Homefront: The Revolution first.

It bloody works online and everything.

From the same run, this is literally the worst hand I've ever been dealt in Slay the Spire.

For context, I got Pandora's Box as my first relic and it gave me Grand Finale. I then got Nightmare and though that I could proc more Grand Finale's if I had more of them.

This was a very bad idea.

I did not win this game (although I did beat this fight somehow)

this video game has straight up just promised me "chaps of aiming" like I'm sort of violent JRPG village person.

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