I can't 100% blame people for realising that tech is a bad and fake industry but I feel like any individual attempt to leech off it is doomed at best.

@stolas me: labour aristocracy? That's not a real thing
These guys:

@stolas Yea, I'm immediately worried about all the 'not-real-work' that's necessary to hide the fact that they are trying to do as little work as possible

@stolas I'm taking notes there's people in this thread with genuinely good advice djsjdkd

@dragon This is the worse thing about Hacker News.

There's just enough of a Diamond to Shite ratio that's it's kind of worth reading the comments.

@stolas the real bad news for this person is they're about to learn about the reality of being a skilled worker.

you can get to a point where you are so good that you can only do a miniscule amount of actual coding, by comparison, and have that be your entire career.

but it's gonna take a lot of work to get to that virtuoso level.

very equivalent to watching a master sumi-e painter.

sure, they just put down a couple of lines! but they practiced and studied and worked to be able to know where the fuck you put those lines.

and i feel like coding is even worse in some respects. you can not only make great programs in a few lines, it's actually a sign of skill if you can solve a complex problem with elegant simplicity.

you just have to work out how to do that first lol

and good luck getting there if you are looking to do as little work as possible.

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