The Zelda timeline splitting after every game is lame.

It should split at least 3 times during the game. When I try to load a save game I should have to do a magic themed git conflict management mini game to work out the current state of the timeline. Nintendo are cowards for not doing this.

@stolas I mean it technically splits off into three at the end of Ocarina of Time

@owashii @stolas What about the Oracle of Ages/Seasons games, where a timeline split occurs at the very beginning depending on which game you start with?

@dickmandrake @stolas They both merge into the same end-result regardless of order.

@owashii @stolas Not to mention all the sub-timelines caused by which animal companion you end up with and how Bipin and Blossom's son turns out

@stolas In hindsight there appears to be a tech joke in here that went over my head because the moment I saw "Zelda", "Timeline", and "Split into three" I immediately jumped into Zelda-Nerd mode.

@owashii there was a tech joke but it was bad and I'd rather have the Zelda-Nerd mode tbh.

I am a proper Zelda baby, I've only played BoTW and Twilight Princess.

@stolas Ocarina of Time splits off because of Time Travel: "Adult Link" timeline after he gets sent back, "Child Link" timeline when he gets sent back, and "Death of the hero" if he is defeated.

@stolas counter-theory: every time you restart from a save point after link gets killed by a bokoblin, you are moving into an alternate timeline where link didn't get killed by a bokoblin.

@stolas i reckon link mandalas at every game and save point. no conflicts to manage, just the entire history magically changes to make sense of whatever is happening from moment to moment like dream logic

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