@stolas "LGBT", "Political protests", yeah no, the only politics at play here are people who want to stomp on other people's right to exist and love.

@stolas inews is the only source I can find for this.
@stolas nevermind, now it's coming out in other sources.

@stolas If there's a lawsuit brought against this (and there had better fucking well be), it should specifically target the senior staff who pushed for this.

@stolas how are they gonna report on pride then
oh with lies, probably

@stolas oh jeez oh no we wouldn't want to be seen as taking a side on whether basic human rights are good or bad!

@stolas oh for fucks sake. Sue for discrimination, bc lol you absolutely cannot tell me that I, as a queer, am not allowed to hang out with my fellow queers.

Also, all this does is pretend like LGBT+ people dont exist. Why are we moving backwards?!?

(thread missing CW) Terran horribleness, lgbt-misia, ukpol, BBC, fascism probably, --- 


fuck off and go die in a fire


What the fuck?! Impartiality on what? human rights?


@stolas so we can either complain, and they'll send in racists and not fire them because "they're not going to do neutral" or we can do nothing, and they'll just push everything to the right, and claim to be neutral.

@wenom @stolas The issue is that they're going from a school of thought where "impartiality" means "Keeping the status quo", however the status quo in question is regressive, not progressive.

The BBC has always been like this. Their take on impartiality for elections is look at the results and as long as the complaints vaguely match the results they did a good job.

@MxCraven @stolas you're right

i really shouldn't have expected anything else from BoJo's personal propaganda machine

@wenom @stolas Yes, and I think last time I saw any of them the "senior management" they speak about is all over the age of 60 and of course quite wealthy...

By not taking a stance, they of course take the stance of being anti progress for trans rights. Those who stand for nothing will fall for anything, and all that.

@stolas also fuck the capitalism machine that means people can be disciplined for (HARMLESS) actions outside of work

they're one step away from saying if we see you kissing your partner outside work then you're going to be in trouble

@stolas The existence of conservative parties means that non-discrimination becomes a political issue

@stolas pride parades are dumb but protests? I mean this is the UK I'm not very surprised but damn.

BBC homophobia 

@stolas Fucking damnation.

Yeah, god forbid anyone "take a side" in whether trans people have human rights, or gay people deserve equality.


BBC homophobia 

@erosdiscordia @stolas just remind them what BBC actually stands for
@stolas that's a little bit of an overblowing of the actual guideline

>Members of staff outside news and current affairs and factual journalism may attend marches, demonstrations and protests as private individuals.
>People working in news and current affairs and factual journalism (across all Divisions), as set out in the Guidelines, should not participate in public demonstrations or gatherings about controversial issues

it's only news that has any limitation. news is a sorta small part of the corporation
which... idk, given how much ire gets thrown at the news people if they're perceived as being even slightly "biased"... doesn't seem far off
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