This twitter thread from the Caves Of Qud devs about how they keep the alt-right out of their game community is worth reading.

@stolas this is so eloquently designed I love it. I wish I could write stuff like this.

@shadow8t4 @stolas this feels like an excellent application of the game design and prose writing skillsets that the qud team already relies on so effectively

OCR Output (chars: 3112) 

“Ivy over congealed love ¥
Caves of Qud is a game about the future and its possibilities. We all gather under the shade of this and seek to draw from the common wellspring we find here. We're a
thriving, vibrant group with great potential if we work alongside each other and help one another in harmony.

In the interest of encouraging harmony, we stress the safety and security of those who gather here. Conflicts will arise over time, and we determine collectively how we
address them, how they shape and temper our community.

We want to foster strong community bonds, and to do so we must discourage behaviors that threaten the healthy functioning of this space and erode the well-being of
those within it. Accordingly, we have no tolerance for hate speech or for symbols associated with hate groups. These include ‘kek’, swastikas, Pepe the Frog, 4chan-isms,
and all other symbols and memes that promote bigotry, fascism, and apologia thereof. Last but not least, respect our users’ existence, pronouns, identity, and lived

A note on the Putus Templar: of the various antagonistic factions that populate Qud, the Templar are particularly relevant in the present day. Their goals are eugenics and
genocide, and their means are extermination and subjugation. We do not wish to quell discussion or speculation on them, but be conscious that discussion can easily veer
into the code of conduct breaches described above. Facetious support of the Templar's fascist and genocidal behavior is prohibited. At best, it reads as callousness to the
reality of these things. At worst, it reads as actual support. Be sensitive when your audience includes many of those who have suffered from the historical or present
consequences of genocide or eugenics. Jokes have consequences.

Likewise, do not ask whether there will be a quest to join the Templar. There won't, and the question will not reflect well on you.

Breaches in the code of conduct can be met with kicks or bans at the discretion of our moderation team. If a user is making you uncomfortable and you don't feel
comfortable with voicing this directly or openly, please come to a moderator.

If any of these things aren't clear to you, or you have other questions, feel free to approach the mods @​lvy over congealed love ¥ @​special guest eva problems @​Caelyn
@​and friend to fungi @​h girl @​scremily elizadeath @​ for community/discord-oriented concerns, or you can contact the developers @​ptychomancer @​unormal for
modding and technical help.

Be kind to each other. Be patient with one another. Live and drink.

iss Hi n2 125 (106) (M106) (H06) Pas Vs 40 2 A


& special guest eva problems
We do not tolerate misogynist, racist, homophobic, or transphobic content or behavior on this server. Much like "jokes" about genocide or eugenics erode the safety and
wellbeing of the people gathered here, so do "jokes" about sexual assault or other forms of hegemonic violence. If you feel you must discuss a potentially triggering topic,
it's best to put it in IIspoiler tagsII with a warning.

s eae #149) @​ 34 ¢ o ove

boost with cw, gamers and fascism, how to keep fascists out of your game community 

post up thread ^

@stolas "at best, it reads as callousness"

good on them for calling this out in a way that has consequences!

@stolas yeah it is really well done and as a bonus the game looks good too, tempted to buy it if only to support the devs

@stolas suddenly gaining a rapid interest in a game I previously passed on because it wasn't my thing

@stolas a frem of zine writes for qud and yeah, good dev team!

@stolas I've found that announcing that I'm banning alt-right instances is extremely productive as a bunch of other alt-right instances come out of the woodwork to self-report, and the Caves of Qud devs seem to have had a similar experience

@stolas the replies to the thread are hilarious freakout material. thank you for this morning pick-me-up

@stolas well that probably explains why the discord has been closed to new ppl for the past few days

I was hoping to join :(

@acciomath hi i'm one of the caves of qud discord moderators and just happened to stumble on this reply! if you're not in yet, feel free to pass me your discord handle and i'll see if i can get you onboarded ^^ (you'll also need to be in the server's airlock)

@[email protected] the one about "good faith people will stop doing a thing if you ask them nicely, bad faith people will throw a fit" is an extremely good one that more people need to remember/be aware of

@stolas the caves of qud discord is one of the few video games discords i feel comfortable in i love it there

@hoppet @stolas I totally get why they're not accepting new people, but i wish i coulda gotten in before the Youtuber Cult of Personality started their fuckhead harassment campaign. :\

@swiff @stolas i'm sure they'll open back up to some degree after it dies down

@stolas that is extremely good. and, again, goes to show that what we knew from forums and IRC is still true: keeping a community from becoming a trashfire is work. it doesn’t become good on brand-powered camaraderie alone.

@stolas Thank you very much. Important read. I just had to deal with something blatant on my page last night.

@stolas love to see it. I've been following this mess on the subreddit since the fashy gang decided to roll in and seeing how aggressively on top of this the devs and mods have been is just heartwarming. No 'hey u better behave' warnings, just waves of deletes on reported bs.

@stolas lol @ the fascists cry-typing about how anti-democratic this approach is in their negative steam reviews

@stolas sorta makes me want to find out how to survive more than 10 minutes in Caves of Qud

@adambredenberg @stolas

ok no I can do better. I've got like 400 hrs in this game so let me run things down a little.

1) turn off permadeath until you get used to it. It's ok, no one cares.

2) start out as a true kin with a toughness of 18 - 20. Get your str and agi around the same and try a praetorian. Tanky and tough.

3) if you start in joppa, loot all the chests in the houses. Just close the door so no one sees you when you do!

4) if red rock is a pain, do the rust wells first.

@adambredenberg @stolas

good, practical advice for any character build:

try to get a way to generate light without torches ASAP. replace torches with a glowsphere. Replace a glowsphere with a floating glowsphere. Or if you're a true kin, get (or start with) nightvision.

If you're a mutant, consider nightvision or light manipulation.

Cooking is an extremely powerful skill!

longblade prof with defensive stance can save your life.

Don't be afraid to run away

@Mainebot @stolas Seems like good advice. I didn't even know you could turn off permadeath. I might even stream it once I get my shit together.... thanks again!

@Mainebot @stolas Yeah, this is good advice. I got to level 5 or 7 and maxed out the Long Blade and Cooking skills, so the rest of the game feels a lot more approachable. I didn't even know you could turn off permadeath!

@stolas not sure I understood what behavior their CoC banned to keep the alt-right out. It seems the writer assumes it's understood. A shame, as effective ways to keep an online community safe from alt-right and such could be helpful.

@eladhen I think the gist of it is that you have a CoC, then make sure that you explicitly put in a the topics that they will start flame wars over in there.

@eladhen @stolas
If I understood it correctly it's an old modus operandi from the pre-facebook forum times.

The post is vague,because the fascists are.
What ever red line you may have, they will dogwhistle and tap-dance around it until it moves further to the right.
The counter is having a short clear and simple red line and keeping the area in front of it under supervision too.
These groups made it an art to act just barely within allowed margins. So you ban then for getting close too often

@eladhen @stolas A concrete example within today's EU politics would be the frame of "unskiled migrants". It's seemingly harmless, seemingly half true; And regularly used to dehumanise and justify fascist behaviour.
The US equivalent is the "but he was a criminal" you've probably seen way too often.

Then there's of course the racists jokes, and the inflammatatory stuff.

Compare that to the specific example (a specific ingame faction) Stolas added and you will probably notice some pattern.

@stolas very useful, going to have to keep in mind. nobody knows who I am and I've already had an alt right chud starting fake discourse in my game support forum before.

@stolas Very nice thank you so much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤩 😻 🙏 👍

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