The idea that bad instances exploding is somehow not a good thing because the Bad People will join and corrupt Good Instances is kind of bizarre and doesn't hold up to the slightest consideration when you consider that instances on the fediverse are moderated and generally keep track of their new users?

@ghost_bird @stolas I'm guessing at least the people who have to deal with the dregs that make it to other instances and stir shit up before the banhammer can get to them, but even taking that into account, to say bad instances going down the pan is a bad thing in the long run would be a stretch.

@ghost_bird @stolas Aaand I just discovered it's another flussence take, so less of a stretch and much more of an all-out snap. :blobbored:

@stolas there’s a collective reputation damage to having a total asshole on the same instance as you that, i think, helps and hurts

when you say "exploding" do you mean "getting a lot of users" or "shutting down"?

@stolas okay that makes a lot more sense, I was thinking of the way people say things are "blowing up" to mean "getting very popular" 😅

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