Maybe I'm just slow but what happened to Tiktok and also, what is Tiktok?

@stolas tiktok is vine for the new generation and is owned by china and trump doesn't like it cos a bunch of teens from there booked 1000s of tickets for his rally so noone showed up so his salty and wants to ban it under pretense of privacy concerns

@stolas I think they were just on twitter but they did collab with the tiktok teens

@stolas TikTok is an app where you can basically make your own music videos with pre-uploaded music. What happened to it is that people are in uproar over its privacy/data collection policies, but they're not much different from those of facebook/instagram, etc.

@stolas specifically I think the connection is partly due to anti-Asian prejudice, unfortunately.

@stolas Idk I'm pretty sure they're a clock company or something...

@stolas dunno what happened to it but it's basically rebranded

@stolas formerly, originally an app to record silly dances, now it's the new Vine. Trump is trying to ban it or something because it's Chinese and kids make fun of him on it. Allegedly might be spyware, has been caught doing shady things like accessing users' clipboards as part of an "anti-spam" feature.

@vimrc @stolas I had written an article related to the "spyware" part - it can read data that you've copied to clipboard, especially on iPhones. whether this is intentional or not, I'm not sure.

@stolas currently trump wants to ban it cuz it's a chinese app. it's a video app, came from musicly i believe. people can record vids of up to 60 seconds, different audios and effects can be used. most popular with gen z. app is what you make of it, can be fun or can be trash

@stolas like i mostly get like lesbian, trans, enby content and it's p wholesome and feel good

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