Reverse Isakai where when the truck hits the hero, the truck gets transported to the fantasy world.

@stolas Wouldn't the truck driver be the protagonist in that instance?

@stolas horror isekai where the protag gets transported to our universe

@luna @stolas

Sounds like the plot of The Devil Is a Part-Timer! :thonking:

horny ref?? but that's not the point of the toot 

@stolas god i can't find it for the life of me but i did once see a picture of a giant woman* running down the street, clearly late for something and with a piece of toast in its mouth, about to run into the side of a truck. and like, she's large enough that it's pretty clear she's going to win that encounter

it was very funny but as far as i know it's disappeared off the internet

*you know exactly how i found this image. don't worry about it.

horny ref?? but that's not the point of the toot 

@stolas oh gross i reworded this halfway through typing it and never fixed "in its mouth". she's a woman! large people are people too!

re: horny ref?? but that's not the point of the toot 

@monorail I can assure you that I never doubted your believes in how scale affects personhood.

re: horny ref, teasing 

@monorail @stolas Oh gee, I wonder what Holly Monorail Glaceon's favorite Steven Universe song is . . .

@stolas whant would ya call it when a miniaturized version of the fantasy world is being transported via the truck to hit the hero and then the truck is miniaturized to fit to the world's scale? :o

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