You know, if people who watched Youtube criticism of popular films just used that time to watch other films, everyone would be healthier and better off.

@stolas One could make a similar argument concerning watching game streamers vs actually playing the games yourself (or reading a book, or doing some kind of art).

@stolas @starbreaker I don't agree, movie criticism videos don't even feature the actual movie (and when they do, it's worse, see Cinema Sins), while game streaming does feature the game.


That's fair, but my objection is based on getting other people's opinions secondhand vs seeing the movie or playing the game and deciding for yourself.


@hypolite @stolas @starbreaker I have a couple (2) of good experiences of watching video game streaming so I can't agree with this value judgment:But it definitely isn't a common behavior for me, outside of watching world-class Dota 2 competition.
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