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a stupid question 

Am I extremely online? Do I give extremely online vibes?

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Am I...

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I'm a self questioning enby who is a bit boring and a bit too into Factorio and Path of Exile.

In my job I'm a programmer who makes mediocre web apps for fintech, which pays for the bills and the MTX. I also have a vauge interest in but I've never really finished a project.

Posters curse is when you don't know the context but you reply anyway

the cool thing about game programming is that people only notice your work when you did a bad job

@Jo lmao we've already figured that out, you can create apps without having to code if you just hire a software engineer

Where can you even buy electronics during a quarantine in England that isn't Argos or Amazon?

My sister is looking for experienced identity designers. If you a graphic designer with an online portfolio of logo and branding work, please DM me.

Boost with cw; meta 

You could actually attach this to anything

ok i was trying to just find a regular gadsen flag to make it 'don't snot on me' with the snake going 'wtf wear your mask' but i accidentally found this which is like

i know uterus imagery is getting pretty TERFy these days

but also


Some shitposts are too powerful because they might cause something it accidentally become real

Because of the lack of money I have, I only eat once a day. I am legit starving right now. Stomach pains included.

Venmo: journei-g
Cashapp: $journeigr

Maybe a bit of a leading question but is anyone here unhappy with their Nintendo Switch?


Baked beans have given me the strength I need to carry on for a bit longer

work, food 

My work code is actually broken and I am both physically and emotionally tired.

Gonna make some baked beans to solve this problem.

@stolas tesco needs to innovate to truly capture the market

no more cheese for entertaining


cheese for self-care

Don't you just hate it when you post something followers only and then you get a load of clever replies but you can't boost them?

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