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a stupid question 

Am I extremely online? Do I give extremely online vibes?

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Am I...

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I'm a self questioning enby who is a bit boring and a bit too into Factorio and Path of Exile.

In my job I'm a programmer who makes mediocre web apps for fintech, which pays for the bills and the MTX. I also have a vauge interest in but I've never really finished a project.

In the year 2021, people will be able to turn on their Personal Computer, connect to the global Internet network, and tell the computer to fetch things that make them angry.

Can I just go to IKEA on the internet and order a shark friend to br delivered?

i would legit be happy like sweeping floors and stuff if you were able to make a decent living and have time for other things doing it

i view bitcoin and blockchain as a sort of antithesis to the promise of P2P and digital data, because artificial scarcity is a myth to digital data and it was all about sharing for mutual benefit

to see it used to enforce an artificial scarcity with greed and CO2 is perverse

Queerphobia + queer rep in kids media, She-Ra season 2 spoilers; Part 2 

"Reunion" avoids that issue by telling a story about Bow hiding his identity from his parents, and having to admit his true identity to them.

It shows clearly how scared he is about telling them, the fears he has, but ends in them being supportive.

It tells all three messages:
1. "It's good and normal to be queer" (Bow's two dads)
2. "It's going to be okay, you'll find people who support you" (Parents being supportive)
3. It's scary to come out, and that's not your fault (Bow's fears related to telling his parents the truth)
...but without ever actually *showing* homophobia.

The kids who have experiences queerphobia will get the message, but those who haven't (or who have never even witnessed or heard about it) will just see 1) gay parents beinf normalized and 2) "BTW, here's a completely unrelated storyline about Bow's childhood"

It's genius

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free speech is when we leave the censorship up to corporations

NB: the stated intention of this post is to highlight the inconsistent application of the concept of "free speech" within a liberal fee-market economy

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don't get it twisted. no one is obliged to broadcast your racist content.

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Apparently the first woman ever won the Grand National

Very glad I rediscovered this video which plays audio from an appallingly-bad BBC report on North Korea over footage of Royal Family celebrations from 2015:

Mobile websites kind of work if you make the mobile first and then make it bigger on desktop machines but we never make them that way around.

North Korea, anti-Asian tropes 

a related linguistic trick is when the western press derisively reported that North Korea had claimed to have found a fossil "Unicorn". this was translated from "qilin" or "kirin", a similar-ish mythical creature that doesn't have the same connotations of "lol that's so gay" as the western "unicorn", and giraffes are named after it in some Asian languages. compare this to the discovery of "Hobbits" in NZ and how that might be translated in a culture without hobbits.

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colonialism, imperialism 

an example of this self-serving, patronising myth-making i read about recently is the story that American folk singer Jimmie Rodgers was seen as a "deity" by the Kipsigis people of Kenya who heard his imported records and thought he was extremely cool. later western reevaluation shows that he was simply received as what we'd call a "celebrity" elsewhere. white westerners are just so keen to project this patronising primitivism onto colonised people.

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colonialism, imperialism, philip, religion 

like, even the idea of "religion" is not broadly applicable to the majority of cultural practices to which the english language tends to assign that term.

side note: it annoys me when western christians claim "well, all cultures came up with 'gods'/'religions'" as if that supports christian theology. the colonialist cultural flattening of this line should be obvious.

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re: covid testing uk 

@stolas they detect a current viral load in asymptomatic people, I've seen stats saying they are between 75-99% effective at detecting covid

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