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a stupid question 

Am I extremely online? Do I give extremely online vibes?

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Am I...

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I'm a self questioning enby who is a bit boring and a bit too into Factorio and Path of Exile.

In my job I'm a programmer who makes mediocre web apps for fintech, which pays for the bills and the MTX. I also have a vauge interest in but I've never really finished a project.

4chan, pornography, transmisogyny slur/mention, I promise you this is just a shitpost 

4chan is like the opposite of playboy. It's deeply shameful if you go to 4chan just for the articles. Don't worry I only went there for the futa porn

"Cuck" as it relates to consensual cuckolding as opposed to a "channer" term, because I guess it needs to be said, again. CW: racism, nsfw, kink 

For comparison, treating the use of "cuck" as comparable to a slur in all cases, as if its potential negative use is part of the "root" of the word (which is flatly untrue), is not entirely unlike saying that because "gay" has been used pejoratively, people who say "gay" are homophobic. Immediately it's obvious that there's context to consider. Please consider how a term is used when making a critique of someone else's language.

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"Cuck" as it relates to consensual cuckolding as opposed to a "channer" term, because I guess it needs to be said, again. CW: racism, nsfw, kink 

I assure you that real cuckolds exist, and I for my part have yet to meet one who has a problem being called that during the act.

There are genuinely problems within the community of people who are into this, I've talked to other bulls (thirds, very frequently dominant thirds, who consensually help out couples who want to try this) who have had real issues with being racially stereotyped by white couples, that's not a joke and it's not an outlier and it's not okay.

"Cuck" as a term, though, is not one of those issues. Frequently, it is the tamest dirty talk used during any particular session, and it isn't always considered pejorative, even in a teasing way, by its subjects. I have been friends with people who have "come out" in the appropriate crowds as cuckolds who use the term. Are they "channers?"

It's false equivalence to state that one negative use of a term by a group is the same across all uses, regardless of the term's intended meaning. It takes more to make a term universally pejorative, that is, into a slur, than one negative context, and that's not even touching reclamation of pejorative terms by their subjects.

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Just shaved and I feel a bit better about myself.

Really tempted to get the laser done when there isn't a deadly plague going around.

realizing that the assumptions in zombie movies of how people would react were wrong, instead half the country would deny they existed and your parents would get mad at you for not coming home for christmas by fighting through a horde of zombies

trans, UK, Manchester, + 

Manchester's new "we'll actually listen to you!" gender service formally opened today. ^_^

"The service is initially focusing on supporting people who are aged 17 or over, registered with a GP in Greater Manchester and eligible for NHS treatment, currently on a waiting list for a gender clinic, and have not yet had their first appointment."


did someone at the atlantic read the term "galaxy brain" somewhere and completely misunderstand what people mean by it

the fuckin article is about how apparently looking at space pictures is good for you

wow looking at neat pictures that make you happy is good for you, who coulda thunk

people talking about their channer phase on here is always weird to me. like 'yea i spent 2 years as a teenager on a messageboard for hentai addicted nazis and i think it fucked me up a bit :/'. you don't say

the most ridiculous thing about the whole deal is the notion that it's somehow necessary to go combing thru people's feeds for Wrong Words to uncover the secret channers among us, when there's an entire pleroma-based corner of the fediverse of hentai nazis and nothing but hentai nazis

Looking for someone, who identifies themself as demisexual, for some questions about it.

Oh, and as I only have 22 followers on this secondary account, boosting is appreciated

Oh bugger, I just realised that if I move the gaming (ex-gaming) PC into the bedroom then it's going to be on carpet. Might have to innovate around that.

Sometimes I think that I enjoy setting up my computers more than I enjoy actually using them.

very minor injury 

Just given myself a paper cut while opening a cardboard letter containing some USB cables.

Fucking hell, I'm stupid

Some enterprises in #Japan are very, very old. The secret of their success? They simply don't follow the rules which according to modern-day economists are “crucial” for being economically successful: They don't try to expand their business, they don't invest their profits, they don't form strategic alliances, they don't diversify their product range. Some of them are in business for more than 1,000 years. Impressive!

work venting 

I have things that I need to do and I know how to do them and I can't get started

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