This thinking about management games has reminded me of Ecosystem, which I read about once on RPS but never downloaded.

Time to fix that.

I wonder what a management game where you have to heal a dying planet would look like?

I've now got all the parts I need to set up a rail system being created in my home base in Factorio.

I think that makes it time to log off for today.

@stolas Reminds me of this interesting video about (accidental?) colonialism in Minecraft (and related games)

I've now got rails being build in my factory. Soon I will be able to expand and take over the entire planet.

Maybe I'm the villain of Factorio?

So I think once I get railways building I'm going to work out a modular grid system.

Guess which enby has two thumbs and just managed to disconnect all of her copper and stone mining by mistake?

I'm kind of proud of this little Factorio starter Green Science production area.

It probably isn't going to scale very well but it will get me to trains at least.

I'm feeling kind of positive and good right now. Like all of my problems are solvable if I can just make the right habits and make small steps towards them.

Pivot Tables in spreadsheets are ⭐ MAGIC ⭐

Boring magic, but magic non the less.

Weight ~ 

body hair + 

similarly, i think taking the time to write out an appropriate amount of detail in the image alt-text is worth the effort. i try to think "if this text is all someone can see (or hear) of the image, how can i convey what i'm trying to communicate with it?" that includes transcribing any relevant text that appears in the image (which is the main thing i sometimes notice people being lazy about).

asking for $ help 

boosts very appreciated! 

I know it's a long shot, but anyone know of good places to search for work from home/remote jobs that aren't IT-related?


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