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I'm a self questioning enby who is a bit boring and a bit too into Factorio and Path of Exile.

In my job I'm a programmer who makes mediocre web apps for fintech, which pays for the bills and the MTX. I also have a vauge interest in but I've never really finished a project.

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no one’s quick like gaston
no one’s thicc like gaston
no one’s constantly craving the dick like gaston

oh it’s grand to have him as a buddy
(yes that’s him in the rope over there)
he’s so thoroughly subby and slutty
and every last inch of him’s covered with hair

no one rocks like gaston
(what a fox, that gaston!)
no one sucks our brains out through our cocks like gaston

White queer people: imagine if a bunch of cishet people started texting you saying "hey I know it's Pride month so I'm finally reading queer theory, wait am I allowed to say that? Hey, what does 'FTM' mean? What is a binder? Vers is short for Versace, right? Hey are you ok? I mean it, you can tell me. If not, I posted a rainbow on Instagram, that's good, right?" That would be really fucking annoying in a very short span of time, and it would do you no good.

So, don't be that person to others.

if you are a Black artist on fedi like this post and I will go on your feed and boost your shit. my following isn't massive but i can do a little at least

if you're not a Black artist, don't like this post, please only boost it

want to read more stuff by BIPOC about topics like systemic racial injustice, capitalism, whiteness, feminism, and prison abolition? for free? well, today's your lucky day. :boost_ok:

here's a list of tons of free ebooks by revolutionary BIPOC:

plus, a free ebook collection of writings about police violence:

a friend and comrade just pointed me at Angela Davis' "Are Prisons Obsolete?" so I'm going to be reading that before coming back to the (so far excellent) The End of Policing.

(As with the other theory I'm reading, I'll post a thread of quotes that I find interesting. This helps me engage with the text better. I'm not aiming to summarise or anything, so please do seek out the source material.)

You will never be done decolonizing your mind. You will never be done learning to not be racist.

You will do well for days, weeks, months, or even years, and then you will say or do something racist.

Accept that reality now. Set your mind on accepting that reality and apologizing for it now. Because if you don't, we'll see what's happened on the fediverse this past week play out again. White people being fragile and guarding their egos under a guise of "hurt feelings."

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It will never stop being ironic how much it was DRILLED INTO OUR HEADS as kids that TV rots your brain, and our parents get ALL THEIR NEWS FROM TV

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I just can't engage my brain today.

I am all for making software light and fast, but there does come a threshold when making a 50+ MB program isn't exactly the end of the world, and that threshold was about oh, 15 years ago

i know things are starting to happen in the UK again. please remember that a lot of police forces work with the DWP and will pass on information about disabled activists attending protests and demonstrations. the DWP can and will use attending protests as "evidence" that you shouldn't be receiving disability benefits.

I'm on Snopes today talking about the "DC blackout" trending topic across several social network sites. It seemed to me to be a fairly complex operation spreading disinformation on all sides of the topic, entirely meant to sow discord. I even interviewed some of the people who got swept up in it for my research.

@stolas crustacean

which are arthropods (the animals with the articulated bones on the outside)

mammals meanwhile are a kind of vertebrate (the animals with the articulated bones on the inside)

this is a bit of an oversimplifcation but it should suffice for the question

anyone who says crabs are not animals either has no idea what they're talking about or is intentionally using a particular non-scientific definition of "animal"

I always thought that crustacean was just latin for crab or something but apparently it is actually the proper term for the type of animal a crab is.

Other crustaceans are lobsters, prawns and shockingly, woodlice. :eng101:

Ok, this is fucking me up. Without googling it, what type of animal is a crab?

It's like, not a mammal or owt?

This shit is why I failed biology A-Level.

Also reminder that black liberation benefits all people.

In lighter discussion, apparently the new league announcement is in about an hour.

So that stuck up on me.

Gab federation question 

Is Gab still federated? I'm sure that I heard rumours that they broke it and/or started to use a new protocol.

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