The Nixie Tube mod for Factorio is a proclick. It gives you these little panels that you can connect to your chests to get a readout (or to read any wire value). If you put multiple tubes next to each other then they automagically connect and make a multi digit display.

I am going to find so many uses for this.

They've made oil a lot more simple to start with, basic oil production used to product Heavy, Light and Gas and now it only produces Gas. I guess the other two things are unlocked with Advanced Oil now?

Also, the new chemical plant looks grand with the mixer and the purple smoke.

I've got a little oil patch now.

It's only a small amount of oil but it should be enough to craft solid fuel to fill up my trains. I've got a larger patch a while away for later and I can in theory at least always expand this by shipping in more oil.

My early game Factorio strategy is to do the most hacky automation of building materials and then go do other stuff in the game world while the chests fill up.

It's better to get something built quickly than to bother making a "proper" layout as your bigger and better base will probably be somewhere totally else anyway.

There's a blank space here that's perfect to fit in a quick and dirty assembler to make Train Stops.

This should be a decent train refueling stop. I'll just set up a train stop that receives coal and path everything through here for now. It adds a single bottleneck for all of my trains but by the time I care, I'll hopefully have Logistic Robots which should allow me to just set up a bot chest in every grid section and refuel my trains using that.

This is your daily reminder that you can change your player colour in Factorio with the console command `/color`

Sod it, I'm just going to have one refuelling station for my trains for now.

I'll be more clever later when I've unlocked bot logistics.

I should be forced to wear some sort of shock collar that goes off whenever I make a post with a typo in it.

I think I'm going to play some Factorio now.

And you all are going to have to suffer me posting in detail about it.

Today is my B-day. It'd mean the world to me if you could help me with this - re: health & monies 

I just shared an image macro and unironically posted lol after.

Am I the boomer?

pol meme (poor screenreader description, sorry) 

Self musing, political 

Awareness is the perfect liberal concept. It requires no action. Just be aware. You having the correct opinion is more important than anyone getting material help.

Quick reminder that if you live in England, you can get a free self-sampling HIV test kit delivered.

I just ordered mine from

today we remember all those who lost the struggle that some of us fight every day of our lives. the looks, the social outcasting, the physical violence, the looks that make you unsafe to exist in public spaces, the denial of healthcare to let you fucking live as who you are, the endless torment of you brain screaming at you through it all.

to me, remembrance will never go far enough. we remember because this world is a cruel fucking place to trans people, and it will continue to be until the day we've fought against every evil bastard who perpetuates these social and physical violences against us.

we need to stand up, fight back, and make them fucking know we're here. it was a trans woman of colour, Marsha P. Johnson, and we owe it to her and to every other person who's fought physically and mentally to be who they are to win that fucking fight. stonewall was the first step, now trans people are the 'hot topic' of the day and it's about fucking time we take another step

subtoot, politics 

Work !? 

so i've been trying to get a shiny eevee in pokemon swoosh

i recently bred over 900 eevees, completely running out of box space

i had to program a robot to release all of them from my box because there's no mass release function and there's no fucking way i was doing it by hand

once it finished, i pivoted that code into an egg hatching robot that could run while i was asleep, and then hopefully i'd get a shiny by the time i woke up

i also figured i'd stream it overnight, just for fun

so i started up the stream while running the first ever test of the completed code

this 58 second clip is 100% of that stream

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