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a stupid question 

Am I extremely online? Do I give extremely online vibes?

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Am I...

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I'm a self questioning enby who is a bit boring and a bit too into Factorio and Path of Exile.

In my job I'm a programmer who makes mediocre web apps for fintech, which pays for the bills and the MTX. I also have a vauge interest in but I've never really finished a project.

I made the mistake of looking at Hacker News out of sheer inerta at this point and fucking hell, "Hacker News" is viscerally stupid when it comes to politics.

Monster Train 

After the daily run, every other run has just totally failed.

@InspectorCaracal @stolas darvo is some shit that i honestly think needs to get taught in sex ed classes, hand on heart

it usually is talked about in terms of abusive partners (and particularly sexual assaulters) but once you know the pattern, so much toxic behavior suddenly reveals itself to you.

it's like knowing about the golden ratio spiral in art and seeing it overlayed on some paintings and suddenly you start to see it all in the gallery of renaissance artwork. except instead of a pattern of beauty, it is a pattern of shit, lol

It's honestly really manipulative to do a shitty thing and then when called on it, bleat about how you are being cut off from a support network. If you let people get away with that then you'll let people get away with anything.

Listen, let's be real.

A significant chunk of Mastodon is people with trauma and mental health issues - I'm one of them! I just wish that when they lash out it wasn't always white users on POC.

it’s gonna be cool when covid finally lets up and we all get to see each other’s new post-timeskip character designs

i just noticed something that makes this awful terrible product worse 

it's pina colada flavored

because of the whole thing where people think if you drink a lot of pineapple juice it makes your cum taste better

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so here's an awful product i stumbled across and i'm just going to say i'm so very, very glad i managed to remember to make this search in an incognito tab. this is just fucking terrible. probably could be considered nsfw because although there's no nips and bits on display, your boss looking over your shoulder WILL go 'what the fuck' 

Monster Train 

So today's daily challenge went well. I got the Harvest Rector champion who gets attack and health whenever any monster dies on his floor. I then managed to get an Endless Remanent Host monster.

When Remanent Host dies it splits into two other monsters that only last one turn, which means that playing it in the front gets at least 3 monsters killed and the Endless upgrade lets me replay it next turn whenever it dies.

This means that I could easily scale up my Rector champion to massive power levels. It was pretty cool, would recommend.


mild death threat mention 

Just fucking don't tell total strangers on the internet that they should "literally kill yourself"

this probably counts as screenshot dunking but quite frankly there are some people that need to get fucking dunked on. so, since we're on the gaming instance, in the proud tradition of mr sans undertale,



.........I SAID, ENHANCE!

.................THERE WE GO, THERE'S THE TRUTH

Hey everyone!

@[email protected] has decided to tell a bunch to BIPOC and Latine people "fuck you" and then blocked on site


Because Latine people, and friends, had said that they are tired of the letter x, from latinx, suddenly being used in every word to make it gender neutral. Just saying that it's exhausting and doesnt always make sense and probably should be used more sparingly.

Just so you all know

it's been deleted but nope, we're gonna respond to it folks! this is receipts worthy of taking note of! death threat and eye contact in avatar cw for said receipts.

@[email protected] did you not notice that vestal is also part of the queer community? and more than that...

they're part of the queer community that is under the queer term of latinx?

this is not allyship.

this is you being an oppressor. massively so. the fact that you can't help yourself when you see someone disagreeing with you and therefore they must kill themselves? this is toxicity in the extreme.

this is you being a colonizer who thinks the uppity non-whites deserve to die for the sin of not agreeing with you about how they define their identity.

the fact that you think this is anywhere near okay shows that not only are you dealing with massive racism, but you're so fucking racist, your first thought when you see a poc doing something you disagree with is "time to kill them!!!".

you are the problem with mastodon right now. you are the poster child for why poc do not feel safe here.

why would they, when you decide they need to be killed and tell them so?

i highly doubt i'm going to sway you, but at everyone else seeing this - come get your receipts lol, absolutely save this moment in your mind. this is the type of "ally" that this person is. this is the type of "anarchist" this person is. this is the type of "feminist" this person is.

don't let the cute little details like "i live in portland which was stolen from this tribe!" and "i put these buzzwords in my bio!" fool you. this is the quality of @[email protected] 's character. remember who she is, because she is telling us all exactly who she is by doing this.

the only buzzword in that bio that's turned out true is "settler", because boy howdy this is some colonialism dickery in the extreme.

I've just finished a decent Monster Train run, now let me just log onto Mastodon to tell everyone about it, I'm sure that there isn't some sort of nutter sending people death threats because they want to keep using the letter x.

*Looks at timeline*

Oh no.

The new Path of Exile league is tomorrow and weirdly, I have no urge to play it at all. Just kind of burned out on PoE for now I guess.

A lot of people read Bug's Life as a call for workers to unite against oppression and seize the means of production, this read is malformed. The ants do unite, but they are not uniting to overthrow their monarch, they unite against rapacious foreigners (the grasshoppers) who come and threaten the status quo of their monarchy and sap their resources. When seen in this manner, the movie seems like nationalist and monarchist propaganda at best.

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