I learned the bad way that if you sneeze really hard you can broke a rib

But enough of that. Now ot's time to disassemble

It,s so easy to make a pwad that making a vanilla editor with just the bare bones would be super easy

Just found out that the wad file structure is really really easy

My dad just told me he has an old crt monitor he it's not using. Finally my windows 98 gaming machine can be complete! 😁

Then again, there's only a few occasions when I had actually needed a python binary.

I just realised that making a compile binary of a file its as easy as using a standar library.

So... funy thing about Kingdom Hearts 3. It made me watch Tangled again. But it had the oposite effect on frozen. It was boring for me how safe they use the license of the movie.

Hi, I'm José. Data Scientist from Chile. I'm interested in game development, general programming and old games. So tune in if you're into that stuff and read me being awkward about being a newbie on mastodon .

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