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Norwegian postal service just created a black hole out of my mom's package

The Light Ball item from Pokemon 

Yo on the subject of Gen 2 Pokemon, can we talk about the Light Ball item for a second? It's a hold item for Pikachu that doubles it's spe atk, which is insane, but what's even better is that at that point in the series, there's only one way to get a hold of it: You have to steal it from Red's Pikachu. Like wtf you have to travel up a mountain, challenge the world's best trainer, then have the guts to take the one thing making his partner as powerful as it is.

🚨 Hey guys! Tomorrow at 2pm EST I’m going to stream on Twitch how to make this mask yourself. You don’t need a sewing machine. Just scissors, fabric (not too thick), needle, thread, and something to attach it to your face. This could be elastic, string, or ribbon. You can follow me on Twitch @SpicyFawkes #FlattenTheCurve

US Pol, Simple action needed, Mass surveillance and encryption, 

Congress is using this opportune distraction to try to push for outlawing encryption. Please fill out this simple form through the EFF to prevent this from happening.

valve set a concurrent user record today, with 20 million steam users logged on and 6.4 million playing games, ‘cause people ain’t got anything better to do atm lmao

Is W-I-E-R-D just a nonstandard spelling of “weird” now?


They are also adding new "DLC" to the course focusing specifically on the COVID-19 outbreak.

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I signed up for a online class last semester that started yesterday, and guess what it is? Epidemics and Outbreaks!

coronavirus shitpost 

im on self-imposed quarantine aka

What 20s Disease Outbreak would you rather live through?

Just had a great time yesterday playing the weekend demo of Anno 1800. I played for one whole 8 hour session and I want the full version so bad. It's also on sale for half off this week if any of you want to check it out!

Just occurred to me that I didn't actually know what an elekk was, so I decided to look it up and YOOO look at these dudes

Trigonometry is a field of math study that deals with the relationships between angles and side lengths of triangles. Some functions you may be familiar with include...


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I'm going on a trip to Spain 🇪🇸 this summer and on the one hand the plane tickets are a lot cheaper now but on the other hand the university I'm supposed to take classes in is closed. Don't know if it will be open by June 🤷‍♂️


For one minute of the day you can say "good noon" to someone

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