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The website is up! All you DnD and math fans check it out at

Just took a zoom proctored exam, and it was really bad! The test questions were not hard but the format was just terrible!

Warnings about COVID-19 are being translated into Aboriginal languages to reach all Australians #linguistics

My friend is getting into Linux and he needs a PDF program that can edit forms. Any recommendations? He's decided he wants to try Ubuntu.

Just wanted to let everyone know that some people on Tumblr and probably other sites are going to type 'Bing' into Google search on April 1st to make it the most popular search term!

Just spent yesterday curating games for Flashpoint. It's a program that lets you run old flash games offline. You should check it out!

Melia Xenoblade is best girl don't @ me

The switch in Animal Crossing is priced at 29,980 bells. This is its real world price in Japanese yen, or $269.69~ (nice). With this info, we can extrapolate the prices of other objects in Animal Crossing. This means a tarantula costs $72.

Don't test me nerd, I'll induct you mathematically

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Assuming the common approximations are accurate, where cities first emerged almost 10,000 years ago, and mammoths went extinct around 3,600 years ago, it means mammoths were alive on Earth for the majority of the time that cities have existed.

Fiddling around with IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) for my conlang on Wikipedia and found this vowel sound board that sounds like it could be sigh sound effects!

Really enjoyed dusting off my old version of Civ V yesterday with some friends! I played Spain which I have done before just not for a full game. My city/religion naming theme was Spanish words that end in -ema!

Kinda sucks that I got a bunch to do today though, good to know it's here at least

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So I just found out that setting `full-screen-api.ignore-widgets: true` in #Firefox about:config page makes it so fullscreen content fills the window instead of the whole screen.

Useful if you have a tiling window manager! Wish I could toggle this on the fly..

Y’all I don’t even care, I’ve never been in a relationship with someone at the same time as a new before, so we are going to take the opportunity to be CUTE

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