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Animal Crossing in 21 Days

higher level math's got me thinking things I never would've dreamed of

Why are there Build-A-Bear Workshops and not Make-A-Monster Workshops?

I want to create a plushie where I get to decide how many limbs, tentacle, wings, and eyes it has please.

I didn't like how Firefox's tab containers have a straight, big, solid line so I just replaced that line by a more subtle gradient. Also it feels much better when my overall theme so that's a plus.

Here's a before/after, code is here github.com/eramdam/dotfiles/co

Looks like the folks at rabb.it have reincarnated

They are now kastapp.co

my partner requested something in a klein bottle, so i made him a space potion 🌌

accidentally misclicked and wrote "cat" as "c ae t", which is, phonetically kind of accurate

I don't buy games, I just input a random string of letters and numbers in the "redeem code" box over and over again until I hit the one for like the suite life of zack and cody for the 3ds or whatever.

Village cross-over

The terrible goose visits your Animal Crossing village

My long week-end was mostly spent building/setting up my new PC (Windows + macOS):

- It's small because mini ITX!
- It's powerful!
- It runs Catalina very well. OpenCore is tough but 100% worth it.

I've posted a small write-up on r/Hackintosh reddit.com/r/hackintosh/commen

I found one there are parrots in Minecraft so now I want to play and run a giant aviary

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