finally! here is my post about the new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game; my initial thoughts and how it compares a bit to the original games!

you should check it out! this was really fun to info dump about :pokeball:


@seeleymoyed Thanks for writing this! I've never played one of the Mystery Dungeon games but always wanted to give one a go because Pokemon with bandanas! I didn't even realize that the Switch one was out yet.

Considering how far I didn't get in Sword, I may still skip this one, but I like seeing more pictures and reading more about it!

@david there's a demo on the eshop if you have the time to check it out! I highly recommend giving it a go, it's got a veeery different feel than the core pokemon games, but still with the same pokemon flair

The demo isn't super long too, so you get an idea of the gameplay real quick!

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