Does anyone know of any free scheduling software they would recommend? Something that could allow me to just add my own users, and add in clock in / out times, maybe with a graphical component so its easier to visualize, and not necessary but total the hours per day/week?

Boosts greatly appreciated, as my employer just pulled our scheduling/payroll system and don't seem like there going to be providing another one anytime soon

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@seeleymoyed I've been using toggl with my employer


staffjoy looks like it’s an abandoned open source scheduling solution if you’d be into self hosting and have the know how to fuss with it.

Opensimsim has a free tier that handles scheduling for free but payroll/time-clock costs $2/user/month

Openskedge is another selfhosted open source employee scheduling application it hasn’t been updated in a minute but the author is still active on GitHub.

Are these kind of in the right area that you’re looking for?

@sireffe Mhm these are a really good start!

For now im just looking for my own personal store but if i find something neat, the owner i think is open to paying for new services so!

@seeleymoyed I've built a pretty rudimentary one just using google sheets before, but you'd have to program all the functions yourself. Idk about anything else as this was done for a grad program/school work hours tracking but that's what I've got.

@j_hair_czar Mhm i was thinking of just using functions in an google / excel sheet so glad to know its actually doable! I wouldnt mind putting the effort into making one for myself but I just wasnt sure it was possible since i've never done anything like that before!

@seeleymoyed yeah it gets a little finicky if you exceed midnight during the hours count but I think you can figure out a way to mitigate that probably by setting it to a 24 hr clock. I had an issue for a bit wherein I had workers inputting hours and coming up with a negative labor value, which sucked, but then I just had to tell my classmates not to work past midnight lol

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