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I guess I just don't understand how you can knock it out of the fucking park with TTK and fail so spectacularly on everything else you ever do in a game.

Destiny 1 and almost all of its DLC: Garbage.

Destiny 1 The Taken King: One of the best MMO experiences I've ever had.

Destiny 2 and all it's DLC: Less smelly garbage.

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So Bungie is apparently just straight up removing the original campaign from Destiny 2 as well as all the locations from the launch of the game, and I gotta say I just don't understand this series at all.

What kind of brain poisoning do you have to have where you spend literal years working on content and then completely scour it from your game? What's the fucking point of getting invested when you know that zones and stories will just disappear forever?

Like, the campaign wasn't great, but it still deserves to exist in order to make sense of what's happening next.

I feel like Bungie can't decide if this game is competing with an MMO, where players can chill and explore old maps at their leisure, or the COD series where there's a content refresh every year and the population of the old games disappears. This weird middle ground they're trying to straddle is bad.

There's too many good Final Fantasies this year. I can't play them all. What did I do to deserve this torture.

Every Tank Leveling Guide: Leveling Tank is great because you get instant ques!

Me, having waited 15 minutes to get into a level 61 dungeon: :evil_jake:

Probably would have been best for Square to make BLU a normal job. This whole "Limited Job" thing isn't really working out.

Uspol + 

Steve Bannon is being charged with fraud for how he raised funds for the Mexico wall.

New anime series: Is It OK To Slack Off And Play Video Games At Work?!

I've actually really been enjoying tanking in 14. I never realized how much I don't enjoy the feeling of making a misstep and instantly dying as DPS. Being able to survive a massive hit as a tank and keep fighting is pretty awesome. Plus the feeling when you're the last man standing and you strategically pop your damage mitigation abilities, and you think "Maybe I can beat this on my own" is exceptionally empowering.

The one thing I'm not sold on for DRK is Living Dead, which basically let's you survive a fatal hit for 10s so long as you get healed back to full health.

It's a great idea in theory, but usually when I pop it I either don't die, wasting it, or I don't get healed to full because the healer doesn't know what that ability does. Might try to write a Macro that says something like "Living Dead cast, heal me to full!" Not sure it'll make a difference but who knows.

I'm starting to think it wasn't actually about free speech y'all.

Alright, if we're doing Thomas the Tank Engine here's my contribution to the mix.



And everything in between.

These are the ingredients to create the perfect bounty hunter.

But The Federation accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction:


Normal people when they get mad at a group: Yell, use profanity in chat. Show disapproval through emotes.

Me: Leaves without giving anyone the commendation.

@mint Finished 5.3 and my heart is full. Perfectly happy and content. Ready for bed.

Ff14 5.3 

If they could stop punching me directly in the feels for 5 seconds I would appreciate it.

Hey folks, some really excellent games are available for free on Epic Store today.

Remnant: From the Ashes (a Dark Souls-like third person shooter)

The Alto Collection (a lovely infinite runner where you snowboard down a gorgeous mountain)

And for today only you can get Troy: A Total War Saga (Grand Strategy/Tactical game).

Shadowbringers 5.3 implied spoilers 

Alisae was absolutely the child that looked to her brother, while standing on top of a ladder, and said "if I break my neck call 911 OK?" and then doing a backflip off it.

Uspol, positive 

Ilhan Omar just whooped her centrist Dem challenger's ass in the primary by more than 15 points. This is the second high profile primary this cycle where a progressive has beaten a more traditional neoliberal with more money.

Uspol, voting, gross 

There's an old saying about US elections, where our system often forces us to choose between two poor candidates.

"Every election is a choice between two turd sandwiches. You might as well pick the one with the olives."

Biden is an embarrassment of a candidate. An absolute turd sandwich that we have to choke down. But he comes with olives, like not trying to defund social security every year, or withholding disaster aid from States he doesn't like, or throwing children into concentration camps as a matter of immigration policy.

He will not solve all of our problems. We'll have to do that ourselves by marching and continuing to fight. But you'd better believe it'll be easier to do that with him as President than Trump. Plus he'll probably make a few things better on accident.

In other words: voting is the equivalent of "We should improve society somewhat."

Oh you know, just sitting at work waiting for someone to show up with nothing to do while Eden Refulgence plays in my head on infinite loop.

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