@noelle Really great job guys. Except, uh, Adam you sounded kinda rushed there at the end... You know what I mean?

re: Hades 

@MmeLibertine That's something I really love about the game, there's a weapon for every play-style!

re: Hades 

@MmeLibertine I hated the shield (and mostly still do) but it's what I ended up getting my first clear with so... I guess I can't say it's terrible.

Still fishing for a win with the Bow (my fave).

Meta, ingrained white supremacy on the fediverse 

In February I linked to "White Homework" by Tori Williams Douglass, a resource created by a black woman for white people to "catch up" on the discussions of race so that they don't have to bother their black friends and neighbors with basic questions. The post got a fair amount of play, with 23 boosts. Around that time I also made a post talking about how all white people are indoctrinated with white supremacy from birth, and it's a lifetime effort to unlearn it and do better. I don't have it bookmarked but that one did significantly better (over 100 boosts I think) and still gets boosts and faves to this day. Many of my BIPOC friends have also taken the time to put resources out there to try and deal with the whiteness problem on the fediverse, and usually when they do they get a lot of faves and boosts for it.

White people really like to boost resources about racism on here.

Last week Mint was harassed off Mastodon after, for the umpteenth time, getting "well actuallyed" by a white user about racism. You can read about it here. The response of most users was to give him money, talk about "doing better" for a couple days, and then go back to business as usual.

Nothing has changed.

Despite how popular and well-loved Mint is, his departure has had no lasting change on how white people handle their shit on the fediverse that I can see. There's been no efforts to start "book clubs" to read through resources like White Homework and collaborate on doing the work of being better, or efforts to create ongoing financial support for black users, or efforts to de-platform the instances that harbor the users who frequently act passively-aggressively towards BIPOC users, or, or, or-

I see the handful of you working hard to decolonize... But I also see how many of you treat BIPOC users with disdain, or impose demands on them to CW their lives, or fight them on very basic ideas regarding race and racism.

I see the European users who treat white supremacy like a USian problem, instead of confronting the fact that USians learned white supremacy from their European mothers and fathers. I see in you the same racism that I see in my nice, polite Midwestern community, who will gladly pay $1000 to put up a sign that says "Racism: Not In Our Town," but still harasses and incarcerates black people at a significantly higher rate than white people. I see the same racism in you that I see in our police chief, who shows up to a BLM protest "in solidarity," and then releases a video on Facebook about how he's married to a black woman, and how our community doesn't have the same racism problems as the people "in the big cities."

I see you. And God knows the BIPOC users of the fediverse see you too.

When I joined Mastodon, the fediverse was smaller and individual voices carried more weight. You could speak out on something and see an immediate effect on the whole network. Some truly incredible things happened in those early days. It was far from perfect, but we seemed to be able to move with a common purpose to make things better. I still look back on the mass de-platforming of Gab with pride, because it was an important fight that likely saved lives.

Clearly we're capable of making large-scale changes around here, when we want to... But it seems we just don't want to when it comes to white supremacy. This problem has been around since I first joined, and it's only gotten worse.

The only reason I haven't deleted my account at this point is because there's a handful of people on here that I want to keep in contact with that aren't anywhere else. Everyone that said they'd keep in touch when I left Facebook hasn't, and I suspect the same thing would happen if I left the fediverse.

But I no longer trust the people on fedi like I used to. This place has gotten just as bad as all the old places, and probably worse in some respects. The people I know now are as big as I expect my circle to get, and I'll probably be posting pretty infrequently moving forward, as I'm spending more of my time talking with friends directly.

If you want to keep in touch in a more one-on-one fashion, let me know. Otherwise expect to see far less of me on here.

re: uspol 

@ishiku Well, the Biden family, like most political royalty, are pretty loaded, so there's no cognitive dissonance in his mind. He doesn't mind paying several thousands of dollars for family healthcare because it's nothing to him.

For those that don't know, in WoW, and thus almost every MMO since 2004, there was a "talent" system where you unlocked various Stat buffs and abilities, and they were mutually exclusive to each other (I.e. If you specialize as a fire mage you can't also specialize as an ice mage).

The problem was this just ended up being a layer of obfuscation, as it's very difficult to give mathematically equal talents that also feel different from each other. So what ended up happening was the hardcore players would figure out the "best" talents to pick and you either picked them or got yelled at.

It's nice in FF14 that I can just pick a Job that sounds fun and learn how to play it, without having to wonder if I'm screwing myself by unknowingly picking suboptimal talents.

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I've been playing FF14 since around 2015 and I'm just now realizing that there's no skill tree or talent system.

This is both startling and a relief.

@fantasm Tanks that don't use mitigation during trash pulls make me mad. Probably the best thing I ever did as a tank was learn to heal first. Made it a lot easier to understand the flow of battle.

@fantasm I have a cheap logitech keyboard that has a trackpad built in, so in emergencies I can reach over and use that, but it's definitely not ideal!

@fantasm A lot. Probably the only time things really breakdown for me in terms of controller input.

@Demosthenes @magicalmilly I'm sure you go up to people in restaurants and voice your opinion on their conversations, since they're "in public.". As we all know, this is perfectly normal and doesn't upset people at all.

Learn to be less entitled and self-centered. You're embarrassing yourself.

@fantasm That's kinda what I learned when I hit 50+ with Weaver. Holy Water is expensive af.

re: ffxiv ivalice raid 3 

@fantasm Not to scare you but Ivalice 3 is probably one of the hardest things in the whole game. I'm sure there's harder... but it'd be a short list.

The fights are still very cool though.



Charlie you silly sleepyhead wake uuuupppppp!!

I'm honestly pretty over Half-Life 3 never coming out at this point... But it will forever make me sad that we'll never get Portal 3.

@venatus For the good of all of us... except the ones who are dead.

Owl City

Owl Township

Owl Village

Owl Unincorporated Community

re: namazu quests, capsmash 

@fantasm That questline is so fucking extra.

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