Game journalists are already defending the $70 price tag and citing inflation as the justification, but so far I've only seen one mention the fact that buying power hasn't risen in almost 40 years, and none of them are making the logical conclusion that, hey, maybe the AAA model is untenable in a world where income disparity is so severe.

You could also look into getting rid of Bobby Kotick and his 9-figure salary. But I'm not holding my breath on anyone pushing for that at this point.

@sandrockcstm I can quite honestly count the number of full-price AAA titles not named "Monster Hunter World" I've bought the past several years on one hand

@suivran Same. But apparently there's a pretty massive market that only buys AAA titles? I'm not convinced that they'll keep paying full price at $70 though. Not in the world we live in.

@sandrockcstm @suivran Like... I don't buy a game unless it's under $30.

Even AAA title. I WILL wait for the sale.

@sandrockcstm I guess I'm technically not a "games journalist" anymore but like, inflation is a factor. Also the AAA development model is insidious and evil. Also also I paid more than $70 at Toys R Us for an SNES game (Super Mario RPG) back when it was brand new.

@RobsteinOne Everyone's circumstances are different, of course, but the point I'm making is that inflation is only one relevant factor here.

The assumption most people make is that buying power rises relative to inflation, and thus $7 today is basically the same as $5 a few years ago, or w/e the math comes out to be.

But we know that's not what's happened over the past few decades. Most people have gotten screwed on both ends of this, both by inflation frittering their buying power away and their bosses not raising their pay to match the cost of living increases. So things have gotten more expensive and people have less money to pay for it.

So while it makes complete sense for the price to go up on one hand, it's also incredibly unrealistic to expect customers to pay that much on the other.

@sandrockcstm I mean I get that it all basically boils down to rich guys being greedy, but I still don't think raising game prices by roughly $10 is necessarily an unrealistic thing. Absolutely it would have an affect wrt people being able or not able to afford them but like, that was an argument that was made back when the average went up to $60, too. And that was almost 15 years ago. 🤷‍♂️​

Not trying to say "people should just deal with it" or whatever, and I do think the better solution would be to pay workers more, pay CEOs *way* less, and try to balance out the MSRP of each game.

@sandrockcstm super eerie cuz I'm listening to my PlayStation podcast right now and this is exactly what they're talking about and are kind of defending it / are more of less indifferent about the increase

No one seems to be taking into account to the issue with conversion too? Like yes a full AAA title is 59.99 USD.

For Canadians, thats 79.99 CDN, which ends up being $90.39 after our 13% (Ontario specifically) tax.

For Australia? Theyre at least 100$ after tax from that 59.99 price point.

Sure it's only a 10$ increase for them, but it's pushing these products into an unachievable bracket for a large portion of the audience.

I used to buy a lot of AAA games day one, but I also made extensive use out of EB game's trade in / satisfaction programs, so in the long run I was only really paying 30$ CDN for that triple AAA experience BC I also didn't feel the need to keep the game or play it again.

It all just sucks because people are still going to pay the prices, whether it increases or not. I've worked a lot of day one/midnight releases for console titles and the amount of money people will drop on an IP is honestly shocking lol

@sandrockcstm wow sorry I didn't realize how lengthy this got

I just realized I had a lot of feelings about this lmfao

@sandrockcstm The problem with the inflation argument is that it rests on the false assumption that prices haven't already gone up
Games are already at their most expensive right now
When you count the fact that games ship at 60$ and then you have to pay 20$-40$ for the whole experience (DLC)
If prices really do rise even higher, I could see services like Gamepass entirely replacing the traditional AAA release model.
Because no one wants to pay 100$+ for a damn video game

@sandrockcstm I'll just leave this here. Before I do, would you like me to send all 50 links of gaming journalists saying this price hike isn't good for the industry, or will this one link do? 😊.

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