Thinking of starting an AA style group for white people where we replace alcohol with being racist.

"Hi, I'm Sandrockcstm, and I'm a racist."

Maybe if we can get comfortable naming what we've all been conditioned to be, we can start focusing on ourselves and doing the goddamn work of decolonizing, instead of continuing to be blissfully racist towards the people we claim to be allies to.

If you are white, you are a racist by cultural indoctrination. You didn't ask for it, it's not your fault you were brought up this way, but you bear responsibility for changing your ingrained racism. It is your job to do the work.

If you feel anger having read that, then it's time to look up the term "white fragility."

Inoculate yourself from the anger and the outrage by admitting what you know. "I am racist." This admission will set you emotionally free to begin the real work ahead.

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You will never be done decolonizing your mind. You will never be done learning to not be racist.

You will do well for days, weeks, months, or even years, and then you will say or do something racist.

Accept that reality now. Set your mind on accepting that reality and apologizing for it now. Because if you don't, we'll see what's happened on the fediverse this past week play out again. White people being fragile and guarding their egos under a guise of "hurt feelings."

@sandrockcstm I was raised by two white racists and used to be one as well. I’ve long since renounced my past racism yet I still struggle with decolonializing my mind sometimes.

I’ll admit until the protests I knew about police violence. But I didn’t understand the true magnitude of the problem until then. The media sanitizes so much about police conduct and that doesn’t help.

It’s really made me think.

@Sandrockcstm 9000 sorry, "what's happened on the fediverse this past week"?
I wasnt online on my account this and past week, since I had a lot of work to do.

@linus Black and POC users on fedi were sharing their experiences and resources and white users were telling them to put it behind CWs, which erases their pain and experiences and ignores that, you know, it's their life, and not just a controversial subject.

So a lot of people have left the fediverse because white progressives were centering themselves.

@Sandrockcstm 9000 :( Oh, Instead of making #CWs everywhere, people should #tag their #posts. And the people, who dont want to see them should #block posts with these #tags. I dont know, if #Mastodon already has this feature but I dont think it would be to difficult to #code.
You would get a more fine graded filter bubble.
I think its sometimes important to break trough this filter bubble, so you can see the world trough somebodys else eyes - a little bit at least.

I always #hate to click on that CW button, to show the content of the post.

@linus You can do something similar with the filter feature by putting in specific keywords and removing them from specific time lines. So the tools are there, people are just instead putting the burden back onto the marginalized people of fedi instead of using the tools they have or logging off for a while.

@Sandrockcstm 9000 wtf, who are these people, that want others to make an CW on posts about racism, if they can easily block posts containing complaints about racism? Can you point me to such a thread, where someone is complaining about a "missing" "CW"?
I want to hear their arguments, as I think that the majority of people here, who joined the fediverse are cool (except the gab nazis), I think I might misunderstood something.
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