PSA: Today marks the end of support for Windows 7 by Microsoft.

What this means: You can still use W7, but Microsoft will no longer release security patches for it, no matter how serious the problem.

This means that your system is vulnerable to attack, starting today and getting progressively worse as time goes on. What exactly these attacks look like and how bad they'll be we don't know.

Its recommended you not use W7 connected to the internet, and upgrade to 8 or 10 ASAP.

If money is tight it might also be worth considering switching to something like Linux Mint, which looks and feels a lot like Windows but without the cost. Obviously Linux isn't for everyone, but it's gotten significantly more user friendly in the past 5 years, and it would allow you to use the internet securely.

If you need help installing it from someone that won't be condescending to you about the process, feel free to reach out to me :).

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@sandrockcstm my friend who i mentioned to you earlier actually bought a new laptop with windows 10 and he knows that it’s garbage privacy-wise, which bothers him, but he’s not tech-savvy at all and very afraid of doing any tinkering. i said he should use debotnet or dual boot with linux mint and found him some guides but he got pretty overwhelmed

long story short, i may or may not take you up on that offer shortly, depending on what he decides to do! (thanks!)

@winvi No problem! I'm in and out of fedi today but just let me know how I can help and I'll do what I can :).

@sandrockcstm if he does end up needing help, it probably won’t be today! it’ll most likely be next week at the earliest. but we’ll see!

@[email protected] yeah, I upgraded to 10 ages ago when they did that free upgrade promo and gestures so-so

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