This is reaaaaaalllly skeezy of Nintendo.

Nintendo is trying to firesale their old models but making them the featured bundle for black friday. This is the model that had a lower battery life and a fairly high incidence of joycon drift.

@sandrockcstm Good shout, I was tempted to get a Switch and I'll be careful if I do.

@sandrockcstm wait, did the joycons ever change? are there different kinds out there?

@behold3r We don't *really* know. Nintendo claims they fixed the issue in new models but people are still getting joycon drift sometimes.

Personally I think there's an underlying design flaw and it's going to take a "switch hd" or "switch xl" for us to see an actual fix.

Until then free replacements are... better than nothing..?

@sandrockcstm I mean would be nice if I could get the free replacements in my country

@behold3r Oh shit, I didn't realize they weren't doing free fixes globally!! That really sucks :(.

@sandrockcstm we don't have Nintendo themselves here, they sell their stuff through a distribution company that also handles marketing and technical support and the technical support is basically none :/

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