Us politics, Marianne Williamson 

I'm begging you, please stop giving Marianne Williamson positive PR. It is not an exaggeration to say that she may be the greatest danger on the DNC stage to disabled people.

She's doing a LOT of work trying to rehabilitate her image, but she is an anti-vaxxer and her books push the idea of "positive thinking" as a way to overcome all manner of problems, including illness, poverty, and even evil itself.

She is delusional and dangerous. Fuck her sound bites.

Us politics, Marianne Williamson 

@sandrockcstm she gives off major cult leader vibes and that is the last thing we need post-Trump

no ironically supporting her, no ironically quoting her

shut her down

@AzureKingfisher Yeah, she's a bit of a nobody who is trying to build up a lot of publicity to sell books on the DNC's dime, but the last guy that did that ended up becoming President on accident and it's been a disaster :/.

Us politics, Marianne Williamson, HIV, death mention 

@sandrockcstm she has so much blood on her hands. The shit she did during the AIDS crisis...

Us politics, Marianne Williamson 

@sandrockcstm I was unaware she was anti-vax. This is extremely unfortunate.

I watched her interviews and liked what I saw, and thought she was onto a kernel of genuine wisdom there. She was certainly more clever than people decided to give her credit for. But yeah, this recontextualizes a whole lot, and now she's just another name in a list of previously promising but problematic candidates, like Beto and Pete.

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