Crowdsource with me, comrades.

I'm putting together a list of work that needs to get done, but isn't getting done under capitalism. Specifically I want to point to things people can see directly in their day to day lives and in their communities: pot holes, trash in the streets, etc.

What can you come up with?


Sexual Assault 

@linkskywalker An idea I've always had is going to places that are deemed "unsafe" with a large group and setting up a street performance (i.e. music) or something.

As an example, there's a tunnel under a busy intersection on our college campus that is basically unusable after 10pm because it becomes a hotbed for sexual assaults and rapes.

In many instances more eyeballs and creating an atmosphere of friendliness drive that kind of behavior away.

Sexual Assault 

@sandrockcstm That is a *superb* idea.

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