Since we're talking about music today, who else here enjoys Prog Rock?

I'm relatively new to the genre (within the past two years), but I really enjoy Porcupine Tree and have been working my through their discography slowly but surely, and last year I listened to the full "Dark Side of the Moon" album for the first time in my life (yeah, yeah, I know).

Always looking for more recommendations in this genre.

@sandrockcstm some of these are more Prog Metal, but:

Steven Wilson's solo work
Leprous (heavier, a little bit of screaming vocals)
Between the Buried and Me (heavier, some screaming vocals)
Devin Townsend
Protest the Hero (heavier, some screaming vocals)
TesseracT (heavier but no screaming)
Cloudkicker (instrumental)
The Contortionist (heavier and lots of screaming)
The Ocean (heavier and some screaming vocals)
Anubis Gate
The Safety Fire (heavier and a little bit of screaming)

@sandrockcstm More prog metal ish but Ayreon is a really good band with a bunch of concept albums that feature a wide array of guest artists. Universal Migrator is a good opening album of theirs if you’re interested 😄

@adriantepes I do love me some prog metal as well! Thanks for the recommendation!

@sandrockcstm Stumbled across Lonely Robot this morning, which is basically John Mitchell. Fun, cool, Britprog from the guitarist and vocalist for (current) It Bites amongst many other things. The UK prog scene is a total rabbit whole of weird awesomeness, well worth investigating.

Prog is a hugely diverse genre of music. Have fun experimenting with it. 🎶

@andy Yeah, I love that about it. The embracing of experimentation makes it easy to either embrace or say "Eh, not my cup of tea." It feels like there's a lot less snobbery in the scene because everyone is just exploring what's possible, which is refreshing.

It may be worth looking into Krautrock? German prog that sprung up at the end of the 60s/early 70s. Bands like Can, Neu!, Guru Guru, Faust etc. might be of interest to you.

Can - Vitamin C

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