pubg except when you die in the game you die in real life

wait that's already several anime plots

me: video games are amazing

also me: why even bother with video games

on mobile, games play you

you even give them money for the privilege usually

when someone asks how your day has been so you mention your life story because they didn't specify what day

mental health 

ever had the feeling of wanting many things in your everyday life to change for the better? but not able to actually do it?

now imagine that coupled with social and general anxiety and not being able to talk to people about things because of not having the friends and not being able to make new friends because of it

it fucking sucks, don't try this at home

been using retroarch for a while and only just got round to using both the retroachievements and discord rich presence support

emulation has come a long way and this is not a bad thing

that feeling when you play a game you've played before but can't remember all the details

it's like playing it like new again

but at the same time feels like that one friend you vaguely recognise and just kinda have to awkwardly talk to when they act like they know your life story

it is that time of the year again

yes that's right it's time to smash some brothers

no actual brothers required

must still be super though

let's get into the spirit of the season by beating each other to a pulp

why is taiko on switch so GOOD

waggle should not be this fun

it feels weird to be able to voice chat with people on switch online

just hanging out in a mario kart lobby and suddenly HI HOW ARE YOU

their reaction when you beat them though is priceless

instead of looking at all steam games as no effort trash

think that someone put effort in those

a whole 2 seconds of it

trash that took effort

sony could legit add a store to the ps1 mini to let you download what you want

but considering the ps4 doesn't even have this

why do companies not want our money

what do you mean x console is objectively better than y console clearly y is best

they both have the same games but y was where my money was spent so it's better

can you imagine a pokemon game where you're part of team rocket and you need to crush kids dreams and steal their mons

literally a better pokemon ranger

gotta give credit where it's due though, things got really streamlined later on it's impressive just how much people were able to do with it

plus anything's better than gateway

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can you believe all you need to hack a 3ds is a ds flashcard and a magnet

still miss the days of using a hacked oot3d card though and using the later web browser exploit was annoying as shit

the ps4/wiiu/x1 feel like they came out yesterday yet suddenly it's 2018 and this happened 5 years ago

meanwhile the vita kinda just happened and now nobody cares

can you imagine if nintendo did a good job with online subs

a selection of vc games from nes to wii each month that if you wanted to own could be bought at a discounted rate

this of course assuming they'd actually want to make money by selling these in the first place

mario kart is too addictive

send help

mh - 

ever get that feeling when you're down and unmotivated for literally no reason?

it's shit, would not recommend

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