so im trying to figure out how to get my spot back. a lot of it lies on "improve your units!" but, y'know, exhausting, so it's taking some time.

my guesses right now are:
>prestige (farmed, collect on friday)
>shiny farming (takes a while, exhausting)
>SR pull (takes Way Too Long, especially if banners are not in play)
>team reorganization (got to wait for units like Ley, Jin, Dio and Lime, so extremely long wait)

yeah i'm not going anywhere fast here 🤔

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i have been toppled. but also, i hit my high score (dps)

my guildmate, with an elesis truck (lv100, 5 awaken) and a lass car smashed my 7mil damage records with 8.3mil.


im thinking of transfusing away sieg later (and maybe rufus) but we'll see.

i actually think this parley pvp is only for a limited time???? makes me sad, i really wish it was a perma game mode :'(

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not very into using lire predominantly, but she's growing on me; both her skills are 2-mana but!!!!! they hit stupid hard and as such i'm very blessed in dimensional bosses

also with l40/45 bosses i can confidently use rufus/lire/lass/elesis and punch out all of them. doing that in guild boss = 6.3mil damage and frankly i am So. Shooketh

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here's a bulk of my team as of now; i pulled. two lires. after 120 pulls of nothing. and my guild medals-based pull got me an amy (finally?!?!?!?!?!)

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i'm really liking the parley pvp! it's super fun to play around on a semi-even field with A/S-rank heroes i've never tried

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8/1 thread:
so new patch came out with new game modes, ill just put my updates here *shelves toots away*

! The original kingdom hearts 1 soundtrack sold more than the game! The soundtrack sold 8 million units versus 5 million game copies. This is because Yoko Shimomura is a fucking beast.

sofia: "Tee hee~ Pero~ Peace~ ☆ ♡"
arme: how did you say that

elesis: EAT SHIT

I know there was a fedi-meme floating around for a while that "You should follow people that follow you to avoid being too much like a person with twitter-clout," and while I appreciate the argument, my experience over the past month practicing this is that about 50% of the people that follow me are following everyone, and that when I dig into their timeline they're disseminating garbage I don't want on my timeline.

I had to start turning on follower approvals, actually. It was pretty bad.

also i upped her up to 50 'cause she's gonna be used for a long time (mostly because i dont have amy and lime will take... ages)

a reminder to you all 

seeing a lot of incredible folks suffering in a really bad mental state and all i can really say is

you’re all incredible and i know you can find the peace and stability you need and deserve ❤️

maxed awoken elesis: ez
me fucking up by a hair once: defeat

the duality of grand chase......

well uh. some guy ended my 136 win streak 👀

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