I want to say that running an instance is not profitable - most of them are run at a loss because most don't have Patreons. This isn't a business - this isn't politics - this is a hobby, a service offered so friends can be made and a space offered to do so.

I guarantee you no successful instance is doing this for "clout" or for profit or good PR. That's simply no good motivator for running one and the ones that start that way always, and always will, crash and burn.

@revolverocelot Which is a good reason to why these instances are not filled with toxic people as everyone is treating their instance as their child. Making it best as they could for everyone and having a really healthy environment rather than one filled with hatred and misinformation.
gotta ❤️ the fediverse.

@revolverocelot yeah ... and in contrast, the amateur radio world has "clients"/"peers" doing all the spending for a hobby. I am neither a radio operator (defunct unused callsign) nor an instance operator, but instance operation seems less expensive but more time-consuming.

Maybe instances with several admins are/will be good for longer? Good trial ground for community infrastructure maintainence structures?

@revolverocelot Which is also why giant Goliaths like FaceBook and Twitter absolutely Must Be Broken Up.

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