@revolverocelot Yes.

for young adult and middle grade (run by me, on hiatus due to the fact that everyone is depressed and doesn't want to read)
is a tag I started for livetooting your antiracist reading.

I know there's more, but I'm drawing a blank.

@zephasaurus_hex do you know of any others?

@lapis @revolverocelot

#SFFBookClub for sci-fi/fantasy
#NFBookClub for non-fiction, though not currently active I think

#CatStoriesClub is pretty self-explanatory, but more loose "talk about what you're reading" rather than reading specific books together

#FanficFriday *kind of* counts I think. I'm counting it.

I might start a comics one but I'm bad at starting things so who knows.

@zephasaurus_hex Zeph, was it you who started the Wicked & Divine club a couple years ago? I enjoyed that, until we lost sync.

Comics is tough because the price per time investment can be so high, and "comics" covers an enormous variety of tastes.

@naga wow, I guess that probably *was* a few years ago. Seems shorter. But yeah, it was me.

Also tough because comics is a medium more than a genre and there are just *so many* options and there isn't really a smaller category that sums up the ones I like reading. Probably better to just talk about them a lot and tag the titles instead.

Though going back to WicDiv one volume per month is tempting, now that the whole series is wrapped up. Hmm.

@zephasaurus_hex Probably an overall #comics or #ComicBooks tag as well, to make it easier to have a search column.

@c0debabe @zephasaurus_hex @lapis @revolverocelot

Oh yeah, we have that! should probably update on that haven't been active

@zephasaurus_hex @lapis @revolverocelot I'm bad at finishing things, but great at starting them. We should maybe do a colab? ^^;

@lapis @zephasaurus_hex @revolverocelot I was just offering myself to do some teamwork regarding the comics hashtag.

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