Here's a really good Twitter thread about the "Orc discourse" and the real world racism parallels to Orc stereotypes and why white people need to shut the fuck up about how it's a non-issue.

I saw a take about how people should stop talking about Orcs and instead talk about say, Dwarves. This is a non-starter.

You can talk about BOTH Anti-Blackness in gaming and Anti-Semitism in gaming. I've seen people try and redirect from Orcs to other "races" and no. We can talk about them all.

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Social media has a big problem with "well the anti-Blackness isn't the issue *I* care the most about so let's talk about xyz instead." I've been guilty about this in the past when my ethnic groups weren't the focus and let's just... not pick and choose which racism we care about please.

This isn't a call out to anyone specific or even just Mastodon. It's just a problem everywhere.

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@revolverocelot those first 2 articles are really informative

@revolverocelot this is really great and brings up a lot of completely fucked undertones that i hadn't considered to these mechanics!

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