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i wrote an introduction a bit ago but forgot to post it behind a cw and then didn’t ever rewrite it, whoops!

anyway, hi, i’m renny, i’m painfully allergic to proper grammar (english is a colonial construct and i enjoy butchering it as often as possible), and i love video games and kitties. i’m 32, a divorced parent of 2 (12 year old elle and 6 year old vee), currently taking classes for a computer science degree, and sort of just trying to find my way.


i know what they say about starfish, about how we make a difference even if it feels like we aren’t leaving that significant of a mark, but holy fuck, it’s hard to not despair a little.

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dnd came out with blm and pride support and then the one black non-binary person on their team was treated like absolute shit.

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read dungeoncommandr’s account of working at WotC/DnD and it’s like. there really are zero safe places for marginalized people in the entertainment industry.

hot take: most "they made it on a shoestring budget and the art looks amazing" games took a ton of design work and the reason it's so cheap is usually because design is undervalued compared to raw graphics

design isn't an infinite free cheat resource and crunch is just as severe a problem for designers as asset artists

andy mcnamara (editor in chief at game informer) is retiring from games journalism and i'm all kinds of in my feelings about it

yayyyy time to play my main on destiny 2 bc even though it's been two weeks it feels even longer T-T

there's legal stuff going on too and while part of me is relieved that my boss is gone, another part of me is terrified about whether i will have a job by the time i graduate

just found out my boss's boss's last day was last friday and my boss's last day is this friday

good afternoon fediverse, i just woke up even though i went to sleep at a reasonable time last night. 😳​

a reminder to everyone that on friday july 3 bandcamp is waiving its profit share so 100% of the money you spend will go to the artists

it's another good opportunity to give money to black musicians and labels, over 2,000 of whom are listed here:

maybe use the week to have a listen and see who you'd like to support on friday

the destiny community is full of so many talented creators that if i wanna stand out, i gotta do something WAY out there, like, idk, make a lace doily of zavala's face

OH OH OH i know what i can do!! i can work on my bullet journal and set up july!!

might mess around and make tea and play some sims after i finish up with my homework.

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it's drizzling outside, i'm finishing up some last bits of homework for the week while the partner sleeps on the other end of our 6+ hour video chat. one of my cats is asleep under my desk, the other is asleep on the back of the couch.

third time today i've seen a photo of intubation, sixth time in three days, time to take a break.

every day i wake up, look at my partner, sigh dreamily, and think "this is the elder god i want to worship for the rest of eternity"


i really,,,,,, really love when my meds make me sick,,,,,, it just really ,,,,,, helps y'know?? 🙃​

[sobbing] i just want enough attention span to watch and love critical role

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why can i not make myself be interested in twitch streams, youtube, or podcasts?

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