Got a new Outfit in FFXIV for my Hrothgar Love interest. He is ready for date night. ^,=,^

Currently playing FFXIV this is the Handsome boi I'm playing as in the game

Let the Dice Roll - Quick Update 

how does a man cut in half able to survive a couple of minutes for a fight to finish then give a a paragraph final words speech.
This show is a bizarre.

Watching JoJo bizarre adventure. Liking it so far with it's over the top dramatic dialogue and action.

Late night Scene. 

Sitting in an empty movie theater waiting to see Captain Marvel.

They are playing Vampire the masquerade 5th ed

Learned Today that there is a Pokemon TTRPG

After see it was an add on for Table top Simulator. Which can be use for RPG as well as board games.

Thursday Board game night at local game store. Playing a game called charterstone (A Legacy style game)

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