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this is a video about how dedicated I am to an childrens' anime from 2004

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I guess I should make a Real Bio™

Name: Pike
Pronouns: she/her preferred, they/them accepted
Gender: None gender with left girl
Gay: yes
Relationship Status: taken 💖
Age: 30's
Interests: anime (if cute girls are involved), video games (esp. retro, Minecraft, and WoW), music, magical girls
Other: I am biracial but only speak English because I am a dumbass. (but also because of systematic racism lmao RIP). IRL I am a Pokémon and also a real live scientist. I cuss a lot but otherwise this is a PG-rated account. Please talk to me about Precure and bad hipster music.

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Hello everyone, here is a picture of my cat doing a blep.

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I don't know how etiquette works here by the way, if I follow you and you would prefer I don't, please let me know!

can't believe "defederating from Donald J Trump" is going to be a real sentence

sorry I started playing WoW again so I'm back to wowposting lol

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you don't understand the Struggle... it was Real

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alliance players: why does Blizzard keep giving us more horses, so boring 😩

me who worked my ASS off for a horse mount for my night elf in vanilla wow:

Eastern Plaguelands? It's like Western Plaguelands... 2

ah yes steam sales, time to buy 1000s of new video games [continues playing Minecraft and WoW and literally nothing else]

Oshawott... The Safety Pokémon... That's why OSHA is in its name...

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the doorknob to my bedroom broke and now I literally can't go to bed because I can't get in lmaooooo rip

I will literally never understand Tumblr Nostalgia, at least on twitter people forget who you are after two days because no one has as an attention span but tumblr??? whooo boy I've had to delete three different blogs because of harassment over things I either didn't do or were taking severely out of context

"I'm not like the other girls my mental health was ruined by a website"

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Mental Health Was Ruined By Tumblr Crew

going to start obnoxiously using the word "coded" for everything, i.e. "Monday is work coded"

I installed an amazing mod called Exotic Birds, so now I have ostriches and flamingos living inside my underground hobbit hole

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I simply, no longer trust Fandom Mom "just use the back button sweetie :)" stuff because of the sheer number of times I've seen it used to justify leaving up racist fanart/fanfics

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[U2 voice] "just mute and block all the racist fans :)" whhhoooaaaa, The Whitest Take

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