Libertarians attempting to do irony, but proposing a good idea instead:

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@Ferretsyndicate Are they trying to suggest that diverting money from the military to health is bad?

@bob @Ferretsyndicate they only reject medicare for all because black and brown people would benefit from it.
Conservatives historically have had no issues with social programs that black and brown ppl were not a part of.

Wait now you got me thinking would Chuds actually support medicare for all but only if the funding came and stayed in the tax bracket? I feel like then rigging the tax code would be easier than waiting for a generation to die
@bob @Ferretsyndicate

@frickhaditcoming @phil @bob

Some of them definitely would. Look at Richard Spencer and the various neo-nazis for instance, who want a national health system (w/ obvious caveats).

I will also say that even libertarian conservatives like Tucker Carlson have been flirting w/ wealth taxation and social benefits lately, albeit probably in bad faith.

Well yeah you propose something that will clearly fail the say look it doesn't work. Its like socialism, how many south American countries do we have to over throw to show that socialism doesn't work
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