I installed GNOME Shell by accident after avoiding it for years.

It's installed by default in if you don't specify you want another desktop environment.

Well, it's actually pretty good now, especially on my new laptop + office dock workflow, so I'm glad I installed it.

Sad truth: I enjoyed games more when I had less of them.

Google's started rejecting updates to the most useful adblocking extension in Chrome, so watch out, things are gonna go downhill *really* fast from here on out. switch back to Firefox now while you have a chance.


I asked my player who wants to play as a cube if maybe exploring gender neutrality or gender fluidity would be a fun part of it, but apparently he’s not into this kind of things.

I’m about to start DMing a ttrpg called Invisible Sun for the first time.

I get to think about NPCs, places and spells with a surreal twist all day.

And it made playing video games feel like a waste if my precious time

I just discovered contrapoints and now I’m in love with her.

Are personal emails more than a password recovery system nowadays?

On Sunday I had a bad case of FOMO and I ordered The Invisible Sun RPG from Monte Cook Games for over $300 with shipping.

This better be good.

YouTube is pushing Fifa ads on me so hard, even though my video consumption is either smash bros, pokemon or American politics.

Either their deep learning is dumb, or they are scamming Electronic Arts while coercing me into opting out of ads and paying a subscription.

So either dumb or genius. Who knows?

How many people of color are there in classic JRPGs, in the whole world?

From the top of my head:

- Final Fantasy 6 : zero
- Final Fantasy 7 : one
- Final Fantasy 8 : one
- Final Fantasy 9 : zero
- Romansing SaGa 3 : one
- Chrono Trigger : zero

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Ok Nintendo. You did well with snes games on switch.
Now give me gba games with pokemon greenleaf and mother3 and my wallet is yours.

I’m playing FFVIII with the firm belief that Squall is dead.
Even if it was denied by the creators, it’s the only thing that makes sense.

I pushed through the desert prison, good lord this is the worst of FF8.

Playing FF8 remaster with a few rules to break up bad spammy habits.

- No GF summoning
- drawing is ok, but no more than 3 times per fight
- using magic, even junctionned, is fine
- refine magic from cards and items when needed

It’s a much more pleasant playthrough than back in the days when I was hoarding spells and using summons for damage.

Currently playing FF8 and FE Three Houses.

Military academies everywhere…

Currently learning to implement a game of life in Python.

The game of life is basically a grid with cells that turn on or off depending on how many of their neighbors are on or off at the previous step. And some nice patterns of cells can emerge, reproduce, glide, destroy others…

What a deliciously nerdy way of spending quality alone time.

Classic 2D game world maps as in Chrono Trigger are actually a projection of a toroidal world.

Crono's world is shaped like a donut, with no edge.

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