Watching a video about whatever happened to former youtube celebrity Tobuscus.

It's pretty wild.

After hearing the term Breadtube too often, I caved and bought a copy of "The Conquest of Bread".
This is going to be my first classic anarchist read, I heard it's a good one.

Just got a call from a telemarketing company about a domain name Iย registered last week for my new blog, trying to sell me SEO.

Pretty funny.

I told the woman, I'm not even going to insert google analytics to the freaking site, it's just a little hobby of mineโ€ฆ

If your video title starts with "The Truth about โ€ฆ", turns out it's not going to be the truth.

Spent a couple of hours blogging each day last week. I have zero audience but it does feel good to write and nitpick my writing on longer pieces of text.

I'm playing Treasure Hunter G on SNES for the first time.

It's funny how its combat system (spend action points to move on a grid and/or perform strikes) was Pathfinder 2e, but 24 years early.

Trans girls with wide shoulders are hot. Boost this so they know they are pretty and appreciated.

Taking suggestions for a good team name for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Explorers of Sky.

The team members are Turtwig (protagonist) and Mudkip (partner).

So far Iย have:

- Team Anarchy
- Team Crunch

Forgetting my mysql password at home was a blessing in disguise, cause I had to resort to a static site generator for my new blog and Hugo is actually fantastic.

Sometimes as I get the urge to buy more RPG books, I get the feeling that I already own the best one and I just need to assemble a group of players ready to role more and munchkin less.

The modern system of land-ownership has origins in feudalism: specifically, it was how William the Conqueror could afford his army. Rather than keeping a standing army, he gave nobles a contract giving them dominion over some land and its residents.

The noble was obliged to contribute soldiers to the king on demand, and in return, he was empowered to extract any rent he chose from the people on the deeded land. The origin of "feudal" is feudalis: Latin for "fee." Feudal means "rent-based."


I'm feeling the urge to start a new blog about my experiences running various table top RPGs.

I just need a clever domain name. This is going to take time.

First playthrough of Link to The Past Randomizer.

I have some nice items before the eastern palace (glove, boots, armor2, fire wand, hookshot) but my biggest hurdle is that I don't have the lantern ๐Ÿ”ฆโ€‹.

And outside of the Hyrule Castle, no lantern means dark rooms are totally dark.

Anyway it's a really cool way to revisit a game I love but know all too well.

Spending quality time looking for a new profile pic.

Browsing sprites sheets, thinking of my favorite games to pull fromโ€ฆ

Nah, fuck that, time to pull out that good old orange background selfie.

I will spend the next three weeks working remotely from my in laws'.
No Vidja games with me, but I just dabbled into Zelda LttP randomizer, so I might play just a tiny itsy bit.

Burning Wheel starting situation idea:

A big city, run by Dwarves, and built on top of a gold mine.

Kobolds and Trolls work tirelessly in the mines, kept in check by human overseers.

Roden (humanoid rats) work the land and live in a ghetto. They are considered as scum and even humans avoid being in their presence any more than necessary.

Humans occupy the middle part of the city and society, and work as crafters, soldiers, bartenders, guards, and sherifs.

The Dwarves are the aristocrats, and have to walk a fine line between keeping face and status, and falling to greed and paranoia.

The PCs can be of any race or status in this city state environment, and at the beginning of the adventure, one of them is facing accusations of having injured a young dwarf girl, and must find a way to prove his or her innocence, or maybe join an underground resistance movement.

Finding blogs and RSS feeds that are still active but not flooding your reader is a delicate art.

Hey @mint I read your blog post and toots about Crossworlds. I got it and am enjoying it so far, so thank you.

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