Pikmin Bloom is the best walking simulator I have ever played.

I must come up with a home assignment for my students, who are learning the basics of programming.

I'm thinking of having them simulate a text based pokemon fight, this way they can use a class to model the Pokemons, dictionaries to model the attacks (names, PP, base power, type, special effects), some simple computation for damage, some string manipulation for user input and text output.

I'm just afraid it's going to be too hard and take them too long.

The whole flow of setting up tasks to do in Trello or Notion, making a git branch for one of them, and finally merging your new code in main, knowing it's gonna auto deploy to your production server, it's deeply soothing.

I've been a developer for a short time, but I don't think I could go back to sales as a career.

Fucking scalpers ruining the Pokémon card game for everyone. I hope the current bubble will burst soon.

Flask app running on heroku with a real postgresql database instead of the dev SQLite db, with automatic CI/CD, done.

This is not much but as a beginner dev these things were really intimidating at first.

Getting ready to run Dungeon Crawl Classics for my group of grognards.
I think they'll love it. At least I will.

Pretty hyped for Metroid Dread, but the week end is packed with RPG sessions I have to run and a street/yard sale in Lyon this Sunday where I intend to sell 3 cubic meters of stuff we accumulated for kids over the years.

I really wonder how the Super NES line up on the switch online service was decided.

As it is, it's about one third gold, 2 thirds absolute trash, and it's weird.

I'm going back to basics after my data science boot camp, working on the good old Titanic survivors data set on a beginner friendly kaggle competition.

I'm getting a .77 accuracy score so far, which is okay but not great. At least I got the whole pipeline and column transformers right.

To give you an idea, predicting that all the people in the test data set didn't survive nets you a .66 score.

English speakers trying to correct one another and insist on the proper way to bastardize a Latin word are hilarious.

My best end game board of Patchwork, completely dominating the opposition.

Downloading The One Ring RPG 2nd Edition that just came out.

It was kickstarted only a few months ago, it went way faster than some other projects.

Woke up at 2 am, played 5 hours of Stardew Valley.
It got its teeth into me pretty deep, once again.

Even my wife loved Wingspan. It's a pretty chill deck building game with actually little direct opposition between the players. You still compete for publicly known objectives set for each of the 4 rounds, but you also have at least one secret objective in hand to score extra points. These secret objectives nudge you to specialize into a kind of bird, of nests, or bird value tier. This way each game feels a bit different as your priorities shift.

Wait for them to come up with reasons to explain why the China Ban is actually good for Bitcoin.

I don't understand why every farm sim out there goes for shitty 3D models instead of pixel art, especially knowing Stardew Valley sold 15 million copies.

Nevermind the potato quality picture, it's late and there's little light here.

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Wingspan is pretty cool indeed. Played two games tonight and both my kids loved it.
You can build really different score engines and synergies on your board from game to game.

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