On my way to my new job.

I'm going to get my first mac ever and after 15 years of exclusive linux usage I'm a bit nervous.

I need to set up my pgp key and pass and git to even get access to my passwords, plus I need to set up my French-Dvorak keyboard layout to really type, and I've seen instructions but they seam harder to do than in linux.

Defect is my new favorite, so much fun to play with its orbs and powers such as biased cognition or echo form.

I won a run with the Defect for the very first time!
Started awful, ended amazing. At the start, I asked for a random rare, got the one that costs 5 energy (I had 3, so dead card, great) and deals big damage + channels energy for later.

After dealing with the first boss, I get the same 5 energy cost card. You know what, game, ok, I'll take it and make it work.

And immediately after, the game became nicer and gave me the Donecko eye: no extra energy but draw 2 extra cards first round (big effect) and each card's cost is randomized (huge for me).

It was then the smoothest sailing to the end, except one fight where I dropped to 1 hp.

Yes I only toot about Slay the Spire. But who's gonna listen IRL?

Sometimes my toots contain horrendous grammar errors, and I see them 10s after having hit the button.

I know about redraft and stuff, but hey, English is a stupid language, which took over the Western world through a fluke of history, so it's not really my fault, is it?

My 5 yo son's favorite Slay the Spire character is obviously the Silent.

Playing Slay the Spire all week has forced my brain to rewire pretty hard.

I can now do advanced maths every round and find plays that are not miserable failures 40% of the time.

Playing Defect a lot at the moment, my head hurts.

The Spire has been slayed for the first time this night, with a pretty nice poison and discard deck by the Silent. Burst + Catalyst+ is so busted, it multiples current poison on target by 9 :samus_tea:

Now it's Defect time!!

I've been obsessed by Slay the Spire ever since I bought it on a whim.

The more I play it, the more I want to play it.

If you like card games such as Magic the Gathering, and if you don't mind doing basic calculations on the fly every round, this game is like crack.

And no, I have never done crack.

Why did no one tell me about Slay the Spire?

It's an amazing deck building RPG with a branching paths map similar to Hades.

Spent the day making google sheets for the next RPG I want to run, Coriolis.

Character sheet, Ship sheet, weapon tables, the whole deal.

I find this kind of activity strangely soothing.

I felt Pokémon Sword was boring as fuck when I played it normally at launch.

2 days ago I started a random trades only playthrough and I feel it's the best Pokémon game ever.

The excitement brought by randomness is pretty strong.

Someone just sent me a lvl 100 Garchomp through wondertrade.
My random trades only run of Pokémon Sword is ruined :blobsmilehappyeyes:

Just finished 2 runs of Pokémon Red back to back. I think I finally understand Kanto's map now.

I'm not gonna do Kanto at the end of Gold though, enough of this.

So next up is Emerald, which should be in the mail anyday now.

Spent a couple of hours setting up i3wm on my computer so that I can save milliseconds while using it over the next few weeks.

French/Turkey pol 

This is the cover of Charlie Hebdo this week.

In red : "Erdogan. In private he is a very funny guy."

Erdogan is quoted as saying: "Ohhh, here's the prophet!" while showing a veiled woman's buttocks.

With the pandemic still raging on in France, I have to get familiar with discord and its dice rolling bots for various systems.

I sure hope the burning wheels bot and the year zero engine bot will get along.

Spent a good chunk of this Sunday reading about the RPG called Traveller. Oh and Alien the RPG by fria ligan too.

I will probably get the books later on, just because both games look neat.

Selfie, eye contact, beard. 

Forgot my blades home, so one more week of this weird beard at least.

Mastodon no longer broken in firefox, hurray to whoever fixed this!

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