So yeah, I know I said this earlier but it bears repeating: do not verbally abuse Customer Service employees. They are people and have feelings, and you may end up hitting a very personal nerve and completely destroying the feeling of emotional safety they had where they work.

Back to school life goals:

- get better at monster hunter generations ultimate
- Pokémon mystery dungeon explorers of sky
- new playthrough of Pokémon Y, foxy starter

When reading English novels as a non-native speaker, advanced vocabulary is easy, because it’s mostly latin roots, and the hardest stuff to get is phrasal verbs, because there’s nothing you can do if you don’t know one, short of looking it up in a dictionary.

Phrasal verbs are bullshit.

Can Western RPGs be good and commercially successful nowadays?

Outside of New Vegas and some indie games, the genre has been such a let down in the last 10 years.

I’d like to get Pokémon GreenLeaf but I’m afraid to get a counterfeit one, with a faulty battery.

I got bitten with metroid fusion once.

I’m about to be sidemoted to a non management position and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Being responsible for other people’s sales performance has been a lot more taxing than being on my own.

My sons are playing Pokémon.

It involves drawing a Pokémon on a piece of paper, coloring it, then rolling the result in a ball and throwing the ball on the floor while shouting: “[Pokémon name], I choose you!”

They are easily entertained.

Currently renting a cabin by the north shore of lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana.

This is the first morning and I’m wondering if the lake is big enough to have tides.

The waters sure have receded compared to yesterday evening.

MonHun dilemma 

Apparently the human brain has such a hunger for top 10 lists that there are entire websites made of such lists.

I really don’t get the appeal.

Thoughts on the fedilab controversy 

Thoughts on the fedilab controversy 

I’m coming up with ideas for a campaign much more easily than I feared.

I envisioned an AI tasked to fly a ship to start breeding an intelligent species on another world. But it fell on Earth and the AI is now managing a community of humans with the end goal of repairing the ship, even if it takes a couple thousand years. The AI appears to acts as a benevolent goddess, but is facing rebellion because her utopia is flawed, plus external threats.

Now adventure ideas keep coming.

I usually spend my summer vacations obsessing about a video game I cannot play because I’m away from home.

This time around, I have and in mind.

Nice try, brain, but these are tabletop RPGs, I can actually think of story hooks and characters, anywhere, anytime…

Prepping for session 4 of my short session is done.

I tend to forget using GM intrusions in game, so this time I pre wrote one intrusion for each encounter, social and combat.

A GM intrusion is when the GM introduces story complications for a player, but rewards them with xp.

My players better be entertained tonight…

I’m glad I stuck with Dragon Quest 7.

After a veeeery long first stretch (think 16 hours), the gameplay really starts to improve with the vocations and the combat options they give your team.

Before that it’s mostly sap (lower def), attack, heal up, and it gets pretty dull after a while.

ICE Raids - Last Minute Reminder - Keep People Safe If You Can 

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