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anyone in the #seattle area looking for work? i have a connection looking to hire someone with basic coding/scripting knowledge (no CS degree required). positions are semi-entry level SDET (test engineer) and dev ops, and i think the company mostly uses a windows Azure stack. DM me for additional details!

Grand finals DBZ 

evo, DBZ, Winners Finals 

Best part of Evo 

EVO, ChrisG 

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Do you live in the US? Would you like to get a check for at least $125 dollars from a large corporation that's expecting those affected by it failure to not bother submitting a claim?

Personally, I spent about fifteen minutes a month double-checking that my credit didn't take a mysterious dip due to any new random loans being opened. Just saying.

Beat VVVVVV complete with all trinkets in under two hours.That feels pretty good.

Because someone asked for it today, I'm going to stream some VVVVVV tonight. And because I wanted to make it interesting, I've implemented crowd controls.

I'm going to bed, but I'm keeping my stream going, since I figured out how to make Mixer Plays Phantasy Star II. Come by, try it out, and give me some feedback!

Good morning folks! I really enjoyed working on my game on stream last time, so I think I'll do it again! Hope you can join me!

Good morning folks! Gonna start off my morning with messing around in Unity. Hope you can join me!

Streaming on mixer 

Starting off the morning with continuing my game of Civ VI, come and hang out!

Gonna relax and play some Civ VI as Teddy Roosevelt. Come by and say hi!

Goin live on Twitch with some MTG Arena! We're gonna be doing the M20 sealed deck event, so come tell me how I'm deckbuilding wrong!

Horizon: Zero Dawn spoilers, Fuckin' Ted 

Farming Blueprint Frags, talking team builds in Shop Heroes, swing by and say hi!

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