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Had to blow a scape doll, but I did it. Fuck that Luther fight. It's so much more difficult than the Dark Falz Elder fight. But it's definitely awesome.

Time to put in some more attempts on Dark Falz Luther on Phantasy Star Online 2! The 32nd time's a charm!

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PSO 2 Ep 2 end boss 

I'm fighting the end boss of episode 2 of PSO 2. It is not going well. Come cheer me on!

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Finished Murder By Numbers. I'm not huge on Visual Novels, but I'm a sucker for Picross. They really liked doing diagonal pictures of images, but it was fun, nonetheless.

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If you're looking at the PSO 2 packs, and you don't want the Sonic stuff, but you want the PSO 1 stuff, here's a better pack for you:

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...hmm. Did I post an toot? I observe that I did not. I bring great shame upon my family with such a dishonorable display.

I work in information security. I maintain the controls that prevent you from browsing Facebook on your work computer.

I play a lot of games: tabletop, console, PC, all of it. Current obsessions are listed in my profile. I'm also a fan of prog rock, radio detective shows, and random SpongeBob references.


Anyways, PSO 2 Open Beta starts next week Tuesday. So I will not be allowed to catch the Covid so I can play.

Can't lose money in the stock market if you have no money to invest.

When do I get Castlevania with the Dracula fight where Dracula drags the fight through the whole castle trashing the entire joint?

This is your reminder that Sypha killed three of Dracula's generals, compared to Alucard and Trevor, who each killed one.

Because Sypha is a bad-ass.

Rewatching Season 2 of Castlevania, and just getting to the Bloody Tears part. I still think it's worth blowing the budget on this episode because it looks fan-fucking-tastic.

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