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any figure collector types here that are knowledgeable about repairs? long story short, there's a figure i brought over from japan whose base got pretty damaged in transit, and i think i'm gonna need something stronger than crazy glue to make sure it stays together. don't know much about craft glues and stuff though lol

Iranian electronic attacks 

My government is run by morons, and I apologize for that as best I can.

Made it through 40 minutes of Beat Saber today. Wrapped up with a new high score on the Megalovania remix by Camellia on hard. Getting strong now.


Gonna fly now.


food pictures 

Got ten hours of uninterrupted sleep, and now I'm trying to make a flan. Let's see if it's a disaster or not!

Celeste is today's free game on Epic Game Store. If you haven't played it, I highly recommend it.

SW musings. Episode IX spoilers. 

Caps, JSRF Spiritual Sequel 

PSO2 Beta sign-up is open 

the game awards, Ori 2 release date 

the gamer awards 

the gamer awards 

new dialup express instance blocks 

The Good Place, line that fuckin GETS me. 

Looking forward to PAX and seeing my Cookie Brigade family, even though I'm not brigading this year.

VGM OST hot take 

Like everyone else, Elon Musk's CYBERTRUCK has been tumbling in my brain for the last few days, and it finally clicked:

CYBERTRUCK is *exactly* what I would expect if Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond were tasked with reinventing the pickup truck on a Top Gear budget.

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