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This Independence Day, remember the native people who have suffered but preserved and survived for all these years despite our government's best efforts:

Donate to the Navajo Nation Covid-19 relief fund (both money and supplies, like homemade cloth masks!):

Support native owned businesses:

Donate to the Black Hills Bail and Legal Defense Fund:

Don't just decry America, help support and bring about its future

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@ clients: if you really think you know my area of expertise better than I do, save your money and do it yourself challenge

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Beauty/Makeup Things hot take 

Do you need to invest in expensive to make great lewks? No. If you use 'cheap' poorly made stuff will you struggle to enjoy what you make (bc frankly the product doesnt perform well) Probably

Are there medium grounds & good dupes? Yes.

Invest ur money into skincare before ever investing in makeup.

Learn abt your skin & its needs bc that will affect what you will buy & how you need to use it.

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What a big week! I moved in with my partner on Monday, and my baby brother is getting married today!

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hello my name is Jessica and i need a job.

i have a PhD in Computer Science specializing in Machine Learning and Computer Vision, but at this point i would take nearly any programming work.

i have experience numerous languages, operating systems, frameworks, and toolkits.

i am also an autistic transgender lesbian so any work i take has to be accommodating.

i'm currently living in east coast USA but willing to relocate nearly anywhere.

résumé available on request, thank you ✨

Moving, did not think packing through 

I planned to heat up some leftovers for breakfast before cleaning out the fridge and packing up the last of my mugs amd cookware.

The forks and spoons are all packed up and sitting in the kitchen at the house.

What the hell, me? :blobfrowningbig:

Man, I picked the wrong day to pack up remaining stuff from every apartment room but the kitchen and move it to my partner's house. Time for a lie down before driving back.

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Follow up poll:
Black and/or Indigenous person, what does BIPOC mean to you?
(White ppl/nonBlack, nonIndigenous people boost, don’t vote!)

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Today is #Juneteenth in the United States and Labour Day in Trinidad & Tobago.

To me, it seems like today is a day full of liberation energy, a day when that energy bears fruit.

Today, you give back to Black people, and pay them for their work.

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what does BIPOC mean
(white ppl don’t vote just boost thanks)

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@mint ooh ooh my brother and I ised to rent that one from blockbuster all the time!

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To explain, there is a current image going around atm where if you set it as your wallpaper, your phone bricks itself. This is because it has to convert the colour mapping, and during a luminance calculation for this, it has to weigh the three colours to about how the human works.

So easy right? Calculate the luminance of each colour and add them together. There is some floats in here but not a problem... Right? Nope, FUCKING GOOGLE DECIDED TO ROUND THE NUMBERS BEFORE ADDING THEM TOGETHER.

This means that a SINGLE pixel in this image goes through this calculation and its total luminance is calculated as 256... If you are unaware, this value should never exceed 255... So not only is there very bad rounding up here, there is no fucking validation!!!

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a dear able-bodied friend of mine just got a wheelchair on animal crossing and asked me to ask masto (she's not on fedi) if any acnh player who happens to be a wheelchair user wants it, she would like to give it away (entirely for free)

please boost, it would be very nice to find it a home :boost_ok:

@thraeryn absolutely! There's at least one bookcase going to the curb so someone else can love it, and I'm donating a ton of old clothing. :3

Wow, moving is weird.

Zak and I moved most of my furniture from the apartment to our house today. I just got home, walked out of my bedroom, and took a good look around.

I have a lot of random little junky things to toss. It's still a mess in here.

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Some great newspaper headlines:


(The last refers to a beauty pageant in Carmichael, California.)

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Bon Appetit hasn't been paying their BIPOC editors for their video appearances, fuck that! This is so ugly

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