Birdsite, violence, racism 

Ahmaud Arbery was brutally murdered while jogging in what can only be described as a modern-day lynching by racists Greg and Travis McMichael. The shooting is on video. It is too traumatizing to share. The murderers have NOT been arrested. We MUST have justice, one way or another.
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Me eating three lil muffins with coffee for breakfast


I made muffins for the first time! These blueberry muffins came out great, if a little small (my tin is a little shallow, which means I get to eat more muffins per serving!)

New pole shoes (CW: feet, so much glitter) 

The second I pulled these babies out of the box, I had to put them on and do an entire song's worth of leg waves and floor flow.

So. Bacon has decided that the inside of the bookcase I'm getting ready to donate is her new favorite place.

Cocoa, Oliver Nelson, and old CLAMP manga all make for a nice Sunday afternoon.

The color melt didn't quite work out, but it's not objectionable.

I kinda want to apply googly eyes to all of my sweater sleeves.

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