Hot damn, Past Peej actually left me some mozzarella!

She also left me a video of her shoving a sizable chunk of buttered toast in her mouf, followed by a short clip of her chewing happily and sleepily.

So that happened.

Phil Plait's call on has been immensely cool so far.

Wtf i caught myself leaving especially big bites in the cheez just so futire peej can see how much she fit in her mouf

Is nummy tost tho.


I have to work tomorrow

Perfect time to shove toast with only butter in my mouth like a tastebuds champion

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this is a load-bearing post. boost it so that your TL doesn't collapse

Drunk Peej has come home and is eating cheese and leaving giant bite marks in the smoked mozzarella to fuck with future Peej.

She's also making toast after a lovely night of drinking and arcade games with Prof BF Zak and getting cozy with a lil meow.

Fedi firends, i hope you're having an eztra nice night. You absolutely deserve it.

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the thing about dick puns is there’s a vas deferens between good and bad ones

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I successfully ironed the Nostromo patches on my jumpsuit AND woke up with adequately curly hair. Time to run around work as Ellen Ripley! Happy Halloween, Fedi!!!

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A latino owned, queer-friendly, majority-femme software company that builds education software for Montessori schools is hiring a full-time engineer, either on-site in Seattle or remote. ~2ish years experience either in Rails or React preferred.

They're very synchronous and face-to-face pairing/discussion oriented but work well with introverts such as myself.

Boosts appreciated. HMU if you want an intro or go to


Hi, friends! Should I make another account for my pole dance shenanigans? I don't post much, but I also don't want to make everyone uncomfortable.

New pole shoes (CW: feet, so much glitter) 

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surveillance capitalism creeping on me, swearing 

The Good Place 

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i have such admiration for the buttocks! tell me fellows, does anyone here also have a zest for the posterior?

Putting your ear to a purring cat's belly is so nice. :3

Time to sketch out a rough DB design for guest info and wedding gifts! It's really just for fun (and to learn Access coding and form creation), so I'll only tell my brother and future sister-in-law when I've made some decent headway on the project.

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