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If I were a white person who was stressed out by current events (which I am) I would simply talk about it with other white people privately or write about it in my journal and not post it publicly and pester black folks by making their movement about my feelings

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Black-led LGBTQ services and activist groups to donate to:

- The Okra Project

- Black Trans Travel Fund

- SNaPCo

- Black AIDS Institute

- Trans Cultural District

- LGBTQ Freedom Fund

- House of GG

- Trans Justice Funding Project

- Youth Breakout

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Rumor about :milly:​ 

She's a really good person who cares a lot and is never afraid to speak up.

She lifts up those who are held down and calls out those who need a reality check.

Pass it on.

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Alright, who wants a donation matched? Donate to a bail fund, or black voices or reclaim the block, or another fund that's directly helping fight *waves hands* this. Send me the receipt, and I'll donate the same amount to the same fund or a different one of your choosing.

I'll batch up donations to the same destination. If you reply publicly, I'll include you on the match receipt. If you DM, you won't get tagged on a batch.

Boosts okay.

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@kam The man was a pillar to the community and even was kind to local cops and gave them free food. He built himself from the ground up to support his family and his community.... and they murdered him.

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The national guard executed an unarmed protester in Kentucky early this morning.

He was a small business owner of a BBQ restaurant.

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One final note: there might be times when you DO get directly called out for doing or saying something racist

These are the times you REALLY need to take it to heart. Thank them for pointing out what you did. Tell them you will work on it. And then work on it.

It's very easy for people to just unfollow/block/move on. If they call you out, it's because they believe you are worth the effort.

Prove them right.

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the legacy of Stonewall is in the Black Lives Matter movement, white gays have never had any claim to it

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stonewall wasn't just a riot, it was an anti-cop riot led by black people. any queer not fully on board with black people protesting police brutality is betraying everything pride stands for

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I'm gonna do a toot thread on "How to Not Sound Racist" because y'all need help.

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it's pride month, and people in this country are rioting. me and my bf @pizza_party talked it over and, in solidarity with the protests that are happening right now, we will be matching donations to the Emergency Release Fund, a bail fund that focuses on trans people incarcerated in New York City.

DM us a screenshot of your receipt and we will match it, up to $600.

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don't worry about me. I'm a little hobbled and I smell like tear gas but I'll be fine. worry about the ones who didn't get out. donate to the mass bail fund:

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a cool thing about donating to bail funds btw: that money isn't one-and-done. unless someone actually doesn't report to court, which almost never happens, that money is returned to the bail fund to be used once again. donating $50 to a bail fund *permanently* gives them an additional $50 to use again and again as that money gets returned to them.

the bigger the pool of money a bail fund has, the more people it can help at once, since ofc your $50 cannot be used to post bail for multiple people at one time.

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A twitter link to a thread on burnout in black activists and how white activists cause it 

If you are white or NBPOC and you want to actually learn what you may be doing wrong and how to stop, here is some more words on it:

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Black Lives Matter LA has started a new bail fund for the thousands of protestors arrested the past two days: 👇👇

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Riot Dad here to say - don't feel guilty if you can't go to a protest near you.
I can't go to the one near me because one of the people I interact with is in his 80s.
There are lots of other things you can do! Donate your money. Donate your time and raise awareness. Donate things like medical supplies. If you have skills like counseling, grant writing, journalism, etc. all of those can be really helpful right now and for the future!

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hello. today is my birthday

you've seen the donation links being passed around already but if you'd like to do something to make me smile today please donate spare cash to...
reclaim the block (for community-led safety solutions)
Black visions MN (for Black liberation, healing + transformative justice)
minnesota freedom fund
the bail project

more/local bail fund links below.

can i get some boosts?

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Unicorn Riot (decentralized media organization covering protests in MN)

MPD150 (A MN project challenging the narrative that police exist to protect and serve. Also organized this list of places to donate in the first place! Thank them with a donation!

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here are some places you can donate, if you are able:

Official George Floyd Memorial Fund:

Minnesota Freedom Fund (pays bail for those who cannot):

Reclaim The Block (coalition demanding Minneapolist divests from policing and invests in alternatives):

Black Visions Collective (MN an organization dedicated to Black liberation and collective liberation):


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