A little fishing tip for

I've lost I don't know how many fish due to reeling too early, but focusing on lightly tapping the A button repeatedly (not pressing it!) means I'm 1. much less likely to try and "pre-shot" the fish of sorts 2. on the ready for when it *does* bite

@oxyhime good tip! ive been trying that and it's been helping :D

@bfoty Honestly it's just about getting your mind off the fact that you're going to have to press A. Idk if my brain works weird or smth but I can't count the times where I've been "locked into" pressing A even though I knew that was wrong, and all I can do is yell dramatically

@oxyhime lmao yea. the amount of missed big fish and im just like AAAAAAAAAAA

someday i will be pro. ive gotten pro at catching tarantula at least

@bfoty Still haven't caught one. I know the trick now but yesterday both ranchos I crossed path with disappeared the moment they left my field of view (and seemed to be casually crawling away from me? Is there no middle ground)

I'm kind of curious about that thing you mentioned with spawn point manipulation on the ticket islands tho

@oxyhime ah yea, they just vanish sometimes

oh? yea here's an image for it if you wanna try.

it worked for me, tho idk how much i'd do it. takes some effort

@oxyhime honestly i just look away

i have a fast enough reaction time that pressing the button on the bloop sound almost always hooks it

and not actually seeing the fish prevents me from hitting it too soon since the nibble sound is VERY different

@jellyfish_link that worked for me in previous games but honestly I wouldn't trust myself to be very accurate with the new sounds

It just had more oomph before

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