Tired: it's kinda sexist that Leon Kennedy came out of Resident Evil 2 with a high-ranking (=high-paying) government job and Claire Redfield has to go her own renegade way and ends up working for a non-profit

Wired: Claire Redfield is the only good Resident Evil character


Code Veronica opens with Claire having infiltrated one of Umbrella's remaining labs in Paris, alone, avoiding getting gunned down by an attack helicopter, and probably killing a bunch of Umbrella soldiers

Not for any institution or organization or whatever, like literally everyone else in Resident Evil. Just for herself and her own reasons

But then her brother punches a boulder and he's the badass? Smh

I mean Resident Evil just doesn't treat its women well across the board (who'd have thought!!) but let's not forget Sheva Alomar (even though Capcom did)

A character who exists *literally* just so Chris (and Capcom) appears less racist (because he has a black friend)

She was never brought back after Resident Evil 5. Not even in The Mercenaries (even though Rebecca fucking Chambers deserved an appearance apparently???)

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