- Do not have a solidly set morality system
- Can easily team up w/ each other
- Always smarter than you think they are
- Could overpower you in numbers greater than two
- Some of them are very big and that frightens me

Don't trust children.....

horror movie talk, children 

What if there was a movie like Mom & Dad (w/ Selma Blair & Nick Cage) where all the parents go infanticidal (?) but reversed? Where all the young kids are coming after their older family members. You could have a sequence in a Home Alone-style house that's filled with traps except they're all much, much more dangerous, à-la The Collector/Saw

I think I've just made up the one horror movie I couldn't watch alone

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horror movie talk, children 

@oxyhime so village of the damned, kind of



@lulucybrelu I'm not talking weird spooky supernatural kids, I'm just talking about a bunch of regular children bum-rushing you with sharpened pencils and stabbing you with them

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