It's crazy how much suffering is normalized for women

"Beauty is pain", decided men who can do the bare minimum and not get judged in public

(I might have just finished up with my epilator, why do you ask)

@oxyhime "Beauty is pain" tells the man whose worst pain is to shave once every two days.

@Sylvhem They can afford not to do it. They get labeled "messy"

If a woman doesn't shave her legs it's a political statement and she's marginalized

@oxyhime And being messy can even make you "dark and mysterious" if you are a man.

@darckcrystale @Sylvhem let's not forget that "dad bod" was a thing

Masculine goals can be synonymous with "letting yourself go", irt beauty norms

@oxyhime Oddly enough, nobody thinks that woman who just have been pregnant have an awesome and sexy "mom body" 🤔.


@Sylvhem @oxyhime ah yes the famous you are beautiful when you are pregnant!
Then after everyone sees you as an inform blob and is disgusted by your body, especially your belly

@darckcrystale @Sylvhem that's a whole other can of worms also. A can of worms specifically engineered to convince people that pregnancy is not 9 months of strict restrictions, inconveniences, and various pains

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