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Bad-ass movie quote (Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2) 

Oh my *god*

If you wear multiple garments that are in some way fucked up (unintended tear & wear) it's a full aesthetic

The Matrix is unrealistic because it's a movie where a black man and a woman tell a straight white man that everything he knows is wrong, and he just accepts that.

drugs, alc 

Selfie no ec, boosts ok 

How creeped out would a cishet guy be if on a date I randomly did one of my Very Good™ Arnold Scharzenegger impersonations

Cutting up boxer briefs to make into a cute halter top was my best decision of the week

“The thing about giving a pass to writers from ‘a different era’ is that they weren’t the only voices of their time - they just drowned out the ones who did better.”

If I ever find myself at a rave, I *will* tape some glowsticks to a pair of high heels and spend the entire evening as fluorescent Bayonetta

You ever just realize after months and months and months that you actually *weren't* following that person you thought you were

spinster fuck off
gab fuck off
don't EVEN try to interact with me you fuckin lil bitches I will smite you

I love low & loose ponytails but if you don't have straight hair you end up looking like a 17th century philosopher

grammar of "trans" in "trans [person]" (319 words) 

Violence mention, werewolves 

Ironically, some folks (like this interviewee) at Ubisoft really should make the move to politics, because they seem extremely skilled at saying nothing for hours on end while contradicting themselves but still advancing a vague "position" that doesn't mean shit

I can feel the frustration of the journalist bubbling through the screen

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