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Personal update: still very transfemme, still very non-binary

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acab, racist violence mention 

COVID and all of the lynchings have revealed how much the cops *like* murdering people.

Murders by cops did not decrease through COVID even though the number of people outside decreased drastically. Even "crime" (as formulated by classist white supremacist society) decreased 40% during COVID lockdowns, but murders by cops did not decrease.

They like killing, y'all. We got a bunch of paid sadists on the streets.

covid-19, france, surveilance capitalism 

the French state is encouraging everybody to install a smartphone app (and to get a smartphone for people who don’t have one) to "help stop covid-19". It has to have bluetooth enabled at all time, will track geolocation and phone contacts to see if you’re coming in contact with anybody that’s contaminated. Also it uses reCaptcha.

Some people accessed the app. Here’s the privacy statement in the app: a lorem ipsum.

Being condescending isn't any better

Miss me with that "I guess they don't know any better" bullshit. Those sentiments always end up being directly biphobic, too.

Also: maybe y'all should stop treating transmasc people as acceptable casualties?

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No but you see, mocking people attracted to men and/or masculinity is fun and makes sense and totally Woke™!!!! People choose their orientation and should be made to feel bad for it :))

(All of that was resounding sarcasm)

*passes mirror*

Stunning........ A Renaissance man would go crazy for these ankles

Anyway bye I'm freezing myself till the next Tomb Raider comes out (because you know it will, and you know it'll be a disappointment, and I won't give it a dime). Don't wake me up if it has Uncharted's climbing "mechanics" though

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Honestly Core Design was trying to get away from "Tomb Raider" and the concept of tomb raiding from the second game. Lara is more of a general comic-book-style (and stylized) action heroine than anything. AoD, which would have been the series new direction, showed us that

Idk I just wish they went a full 180 and made a new IP with her. Changed her around, made her less rich and white. Who Lara is is British, sexy, and kickass. You can do so much more with that than Crystal Dynamic's schlock

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Time for my bi-monthly "mad about Lara Croft having her chances at being a positive icon completely squandered"

The protagonist from Final Fantasy: Spirits Within was supposed to be the first "virtual actress" but I feel like Lara fills the role better with how she exploded into the mainstream. Her games became less about her, and more about putting her in cool situations.

She *is* the brand recognition. You could put her in an interesting, non-inherently-colonalist game, and it'd fit

I wish I were a normal person and it didn't take me weeks and enormous amount of guilt, stress and ultimately self-bashing to make ONE (1) important phone call

Let's put gamers in jail. What if actually gamers were the only thing currently barring us from utopia? I say it's worth a shot

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Why did I have to see a "Remove SonicFox from Skullgirls" mod and Steam guide on this day? Fuck this day already

*unlocks Performance stuff in FFXIV*


*immediately recreates Darude Sandstorm with the most obnoxious instrument*

On the other hand, the Takeshi Miike movie was actually great and I would genuinely pay for a serialized version of his take on Ace Attorney

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I kinda want to go back to the Ace Attorney anime but then I remember how unpleasant, badly animated and how much of a bad adaptation the first season was and naaaah

It was Danganronpa 1 anime level of uninspired

Being in love is weird and distressing

Which is nothing new, but it is to me

play earthbound. no, undertale doesnt count

Let's be clear: the only thing the "Lincoln was 100% straight, never touched a penis!!" crowd has going for them is chauvinism and bi erasure

Ok now I can stop caring about some rich asshole dude's fucking tendencies and go back to my life

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I love how the Wikipedia article for "Sexuality of Abraham Lincoln" is pretty much mostly someone repeating over and over "it's not gay! The balls didn't touch! Straight men slept in the same bed *all* the time!! Even when they're the President at the time and there's no reasonable explanation behind it!"

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