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Oxy's Last Will and Testament, nsfw text 

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I'm in that part of sleep deprivation where I'm extremely mentally active but also losing coherence

Should probably call it a... Uh, night?

This was kind of a bit but also I'm 100% considering this take as a serious one. I mean that whole ending bit? That final room and boss??? The fact that the entire time, you've been going through a world that is familiar yet alien and hostile?

Earthbound is just hopepunk existential horror

Earthbound was the last (*and only*) great Lovecraftian story. Prove me wrong

Until a consensus of international neuroscientists can sit me down in front of a brain and (with as much certainty as scientifically possible) point to me where The Gender™ is stored, how it works and integrates with the rest etc, I don't see how we have anything else but self-determination to go on (and fully respect)

subreddit drama 

Most MMOs: here is our selection of playable races. They're all pretty much humans

World of Warcraft: so what's your fursona

This is extremely belated, but what kind of weird name is the King of Iron Fist Tournament???

when you're at a job interview and they ask you what your best qualities are

Is there something more 2019 than a website trying to scare me into buying a VPN by telling me my "actual location", AKA where I set my VPN to?

Ok so I've had DMC's Tricky stuck in my brain for days on end now. I think I need to seek medical counsel

SSX Tricky is such a good game. It's that type of gameplay where if you're doing good you feel like a GOD, so you're always chasing self-improvement so you can style even better

How did I never play this

i'm playing ssx 

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