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@witchfynder_finder The Parisian Catacombs are actually the gender clinic I went to

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Personal update: still very transfemme, still very non-binary

Enola Holmes spoilers, shitpost 

Enola Holmes, also known as its alternative title, Sherlock Holmes is My Brother and I Was Raised To Be An Antifa SJW Supersoldier

2020 is the year we got Millie Bobbie Brown's first waterboarding scene. I'm just saying

With the Switch, Nintendo stopped telling you to take a break and decided the make the screen as reflective as possible instead, so you'd meet eyes with your reflection and question your life choices in an immersive way. This is called environmental storytelling,

I've said it before and I'll say it again but "uwu im sowwy I did a wacism im just a mentally ill smol bean" is actually incredibly condescending and ableist to every mentally ill person on here because you're implying that we don't actually have agency over our actions, even if you are actually also disabled yourself

Sometimes I think about how differently my life would be if I had a healthy sense of shame

when leftists do it it's called "propaganda", but when corporations do it it's called "advertising", when liberals do it it's called "the news", and when nazis do it it's called "just a joke"

uni professor: don't worry, i won't make you buy anything
me, having already had to buy something for this course: ah

This whole account is a hoax. All my photos? Lies. I don't actually own a chin, personally

Funfact* : if you add "because of cis people" to the end of exactly 76.44% of your sentences, you'll be right 100% of the time

*Not factual

Yearly Gender Reappraisal: maybe looking into the nitty gritty of genderfluidity could be a boon to you (and me!)

Casual acephobia 

Past me: *reads about demisexuality* pff please, doesn't everyone feel this way?
Me now: oh

cyberstalking, deadnaming, creepy 

Someone came to talk to me on WhatsApp, fully deadnames me, and reveals himself to be some fake-ass dom dude from a dating app I talked to eons ago

So when was the first time *you* were cyberstalked

Selfie (w/ eye contact); boosts ok 

This is my favorite Pokêmon t-shirt I own

Selfie (w/ eye contact); boosts ok 

This is my favorite Pokêmon t-shirt I own

Guys who put both lids down on the toilet "so everyone has to make an effort" believe in hashtag not all men

They also went with the non-V3-Kaito version of Camtarella, which I can perfectly recreate IRL by inhale-singing through a vocoder

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I'm at that point where if they announced a wave of Meiko-centric DLC for Project Diva Switch I would budget around that

If you don’t explicitly say nationalism is bad, then you’re implicitly saying nationalism is good.

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