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Personal update: still very transfemme, still very non-binary

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You ever just think about the plethora of behaviors stereotypically associated to women that are probably directly linked to undiagnosed neurodivergencies

I *will* have Bayonetta canonized as a feminist text. It's a promise

I will give Kojima one thing over Cage. He might have had himself be in one of his games too, but he didn't have himself dancing with scantily-clothed women when he did

That's all the lee-way I have on this issue

If you can't write women characters properly, you can't write characters

(No, Joss Whedon, femdom doesn't count)

I will say it again. Kojima has the exact same debilitating ego, creepy misogyny and lackluster grasp of human emotions that make David Cage such a joke to everyone (and also not a very good writer)

His narratives might be a bit more inspired but they're every other bit as ~referential~ (read: not that original)

Any good faith I could have for Kojima as a creator ended the second he... For some reason tried to guilt-trip people who criticized Quiet?

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we should stop letting cishets blame gay people for homophobia ("homophobes are gay people who are trying to hide it")

unfriendly reminder: homophobia wouldn't exist if it wasnt for cishets

gay people who perpetuate it are victims as well as aggressors, whereas homophobic cishets are just aggressors!

"No, you fool," I chuckle with an evil grin, "for Luigi is also a tool for the egotistic designs of the monarchy,"


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I can either keep lying to myself for longer or I can just give in to reason and accept that the Sonic movie was good

Currently in the middle of watching Buffy (close to wrapping up season 2) and I'm sorry but Xander is insufferable? Every other time he opens his mouth it's to complain about not getting laid.

The other times are to be a snarky jerk who doesn't really contribute to the situation

Valentine's, 420 

Magi Madoka spoilers 

How can I sleep? Knowing someone, somewhere, has built up a web of intricate imagined plot contrivances that makes Revolutionary Girl Utena "just a story about friendship"

I keep coming back to really, really wanting to go through the entirety of .hack

Imagine not doing 95% of the emotional work of your relationship...

This post was made by the "going out with a cis guy" gang

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Glinner, Real Censorship 

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if u ever thought "wish i had animal crossing on PC" it's lookin' like Hokko Life is trying to get you covered

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