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Oxy's Last Will and Testament, nsfw text 

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people who are gender non conforming are NPCs, the real free thinkers are like me, people who play video games all day and want the government to assign them a gf

oh you respect trans people? name five times you've questioned your own relationship to gender and come away with a more meaningful self-definition

No eye-contact, selfie 

Currently having a dilemma over impulse-buying Ring Fit Adventure or not

I know it'd be the perfect thing to get me back into shape (or at least back into exercising)

No eye-contact, selfie 

The opening for the anime adaptation of the first game tho? My kryptonite. It hurts me physically

Few songs manage to get me as pumped as the Danganronpa theme does


I was excited about the Blacksad game coming out because I've always been interested in exploring the series, but then I saw it's being developed by Pendulo Studios

Which means, in my experience, the absolute worst of modern-day point'n'click moon logic bullshit almost ruining heaps of charming visuals and writing

Lovin this new sorting system Steam has implemented for your games library. This is how I shall experience video games from now on

video game glitches, body horror 

what is a man? a miserable little pile of coping mechanisms

You ever just... Have a Moment™ with your hair

I'd never felt such as dread as when it dawned on me that I *did* have a period of my life where I was obsessed with love songs and sappy shit like that, but it was all Vocaloid music

I'm not fully sure I can process that information even now

If I ever were to actually do an autobiography, it'd just be a PowerPoint presentation with nothing but uncontextualized stock pictures in it

the straights are not okay! cw for human pregnancy equated to breeding 

Is it just me or are Sims games terribly optimized

The Sims 2 takes about as long to load as a hunting map in Monster Hunter World. They're *both* on my SSD.

And Monster Hunter World, a 2018 video game, has... Demonstrably more polygons

straight dudes want to date a lesbian bc they fantasize about understanding why their girlfriend doesn't want to fuck them

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